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Prayers of the faithful (30 January 2021)

Let us with confidence bring our needs before the Lord, knowing that he will listen to our cries as he listened to the cry of the sick man in the synagogue.

For Christians: that their deeds may bear witness to the faith they profess with their words.

For the Pope, the Bishops and priests: that they may preach the gospel with sincerity and conviction.

For all who hold public office: that God may bless them with the gifts of wisdom and integrity.

For those who suffer from any form of addiction: that they may seek help with their problems

For those who are suffering from mental illness, and for those who care for them.

For all who find life too difficult to bear: that they may seek God through prayer and the sacraments.

For all our parishioners: that we may not be afraid to acknowledge our weaknesses or too proud to ask for help.

For those of our loved ones who have died: that they may rest in the peace of the Lord

For our own special needs

Almighty ever living God, strengthen our faith, hope and love. May we do with loving hearts what you ask of us, and come to share in the life you promise.

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