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Parish newsletter, 21st May 2023


6.30pm: Matt Davis Rec Dec

Sunday PMB 275

8.30pm: Parish

10 am: Bernardine Fernando Flora RIP

11.30am: Derek Townsend RIP

Monday NO MASS


10am; Patrick Taggart RIP


10:am Margaret White (welfare


10am: Deceased Clergy


10am: Holy Souls

Saturday, PMB 278

6.30pm: Paul Martin RIP

Sunday PMB 288

8.30am: Parish

10.00 am: Christine Jones Rec Dec

11.30 am: Holy Souls

MAY IS THE MONTH OF OUR LADY and a time for all of us to pray that we may become closer to her Divine Son. Mary concerns herself from her place in heaven to help us on our journey. Visit the beautiful statues of Our Lady. We have two!

After the Ascension of Jesus, the Apostles went back to Jerusalem and joined in continuous prayer as they awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit. We are gathered here to await the coming of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit we cannot live the life of a Christian. The Holy Spirit strengthens us in times of trial and consoles us in times of sorrow. The Holy Spirit guides us in times of darkness and doubt. It is in Spirit that we live and move and have our being.

The Gospel is the solemn prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper. He talks about his death and resurrection. During his time on earth his whole concern had been to make his Father know. Now it is the Father's um to glorify him. He prays for his disciples whom he leaves to carry on his work - that they will know the warm concern that is that of the Father and the Son.

We pray for the coming of the Spirit in us, on the world, and on the church.

We pray that the Holy Spirit may renew us in our commitment to Christ.

We pray for those who guide the destiny of nations: that the Holy Spirit may open their ears to the voice of conscience.

We pray for those whose spirits are crushed by misfortune: that the Holy Spirit may breathe new life into them

We pray for all of us gathered here in our parish: that the Holy Spirit may warm our hearts with his love and strengthen our wills with his grace.

For our deceased relatives and friends: that the Lord may keep them safe in his love.

God of love, open our hearts to the coming of the Holy Spirit so that we may follow your son more faithfully on earth and come to share his glory in heaven.

Today Collection World Communications Day This collection supports he work of the Catholic Communications Network, the media office of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.

The CCN seeks to be of service both to the church and the world in offering professional channels of communication, and provides support for the Bishops of England and Wales and he wider church in promoting the gospel through the media on current issues. Its office is the focus for media enquiries on national matters and seeks to develop the public profile of the church and its teaching.

The CC provides up to date news releases, features and podcasts, information from the Bishops Conference of England and Wales, and trains spokesmen and women.

Reflection Our spirit is our greatest source of energy. However, while it can be very strong, it can also be very brittle. What is it that causes it to soar and what is it that causes it to sink? Sadness weighs it down; joy lifts it up. Criticism erodes it; praise builds it up again. Failure shrink it, success enlarges it. Despair causes it to wilt; hope breathes new life into it.

Rejection wounds it; acceptance heals it. Hatred poisons it, love poisons it. Fear cripples it; solitude calms it; prayer strengthen it.

It is not easy to live as disciple of Jesus in the modern world. It never was easy. But for that reason Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit. When we are weak we must pray to the spirit. The spirit comforts us in times of sorrow, enlightens us in times of darkness, and makes us brave and strong in times of weakness.

The apostles knew that Jesus loved them. And we know that Jesus loves us too. There is no mistaking love. You fee it in your heart.

It is like a flame that warms the soul, energises your spirit and supplies passion for your life. Love is our connection to God and to each other. Love is the climate in which the Christian lives.

"Love one another as I have loved you" That sums it all up

Baptism Preparation Course (obligatory) is on Saturday 27th in the church at 9am.

Empowering Vulnerable Children I am hoping that some parishioners might like to offer continuing support for this value for money charity. Any interest?

Empowering Women and Bidding Prayers Any interest in writing them? So far a disappointing response.

Appeals /Collections. It's pretty clear that if an appeal is made from the pulpit then the collection is healthier and above all parishioners become more involved through the communication of information. People have a right to be informed about what will happen to their money if they choose to make an offering. The recent appeal made on behalf of children in Uganda was successful - communication is surely good management practice.

Sacrament of Marriage Preparation. We pray for the seven couples in our parish getting married this year. May God bless them in the years ahead. May the grace given them in the sacrament of matrimony be always active in them. May it inspire them when life seems dull and strengthen them in times of trial.

May it give them understanding in moments of tension. and fill them with gratitude when all goes well.

Parish Registration fill in form at the back of church. SVP

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Children clothing, bedding and craft items for children as well as games such as badminton sets. Sadly, at present, children amuse themselves by collecting spent shells to play with.

Purley Food Hub- URGENTLY NEEDED- 500g sugar. Tinned tomatoes, tinned rice pudding.Also toddlers microwave meals. dessert fruit, hot chocolate (water), bars of soap, unisex shampoo and deodorant, washing powder tablets

Pentecost is next Sunday a day of Prayer for the Church. It is, if you like, the birthday of the church. It's the end of Easter.

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