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Parish newsletter, 4th June 2023

Saturday PMB 81

6.30pm: Monica Tigar RIP


8.30pm: Parish

10 am: Joseph Carty RIP

11.30am: Mary Clerkin Rec Dec

Monday NO MASS


10am: Bernard Wolfe RIP


10am: Kathleen Callaghan welfare


10am Mabel and John Rupert O'Hea


10am: St Joseph's Bereavement Mass


6.30pm: Deceased Priest Colleagues


8.30am: Parish

10.00 am: Deceased Priest Colleagues

11.30 am: Mary Clerkin Rec Dec

The Feast of the Most Holy Trinity Today we are celebrating the great mystery of the Blessed Trinity. The Trinity is not something that is remote from us. Because God's son befriended us we are no longer strangers and outsiders. We are part of God's family. We should consider, may be more often, our greatness as God's children. Jesus reveals to us the mystery of the Father and his unconditional love or us. Jesus reveals to us the mystery of our divine sonship and shares his divine inheritance with us. Jesus reveals to us the mystery of the Holy Spirit who binds us together in a community of faith and love.

We pray that Christians may be united in praising and honouring the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

For all the nations of the earth: that they may see themselves as members of one family, belonging to Almighty God

For those who are searching for God: that they may find God by secking the truth with sincerity.

For the members of this our parish community - that we may see

God as a God of love, who inspires us to love one another.

First Reading from Exodus. The Old Testament knows nothing of the Trinity. This reading was chosen because it has to do with God's self-revelation. The context is the second giving of the Law to Moses, after he had broken the first set of tablets. God is the one who is always present to his people - a God of tenderness and compassion. Moses begs God to forgive the sins of his stubborn people and to stay with them on their journey; all who believe in him will have eternal life

Second Reading Paul encourages the Corinthians to live in such a way that the love and peace of God will reign among them.

Gospel God the Father has shown his love for us by sending his Son to save us. All who believe in Him will have eternal life. Those who reject Jesus are condemning themselves. They have rejected the source of life.

Mary Untier of Knots. Mary concerns herself from her place in heaven to help us on our journey - sometimes literally. One title given to the Mother of God is "Untier of knots" the idea being that when we are in a real mess Mary, through her prayers for us to her son, can help us to get going again. The Mother of God wants to help.

Go teach all nations Proclaiming the Gospel involves all. We are invited to help the missionary effort of the Church overseas. to bring God's love to all people. With the support of parishioners, missionaries can walk alongside our sisters and brothers who are . most in need, helping them embrace the freedom and dignity that comes from discovering that Christ loves them. "Together we create infrastructure in poor and often remote areas by helping the local communities to build churches, convents, schools, children's homes, clinics and dispensaries. Together we help support the training future priests, sisters, catechists who will lead, teach, and serve the people of young and developing churches. Together we are inspiring children from all countries to pray and care for each other, facing the challenges of the future with faith, hope and love.

There will be a collection for the foreign missions on the final Sunday of October with an appeal at all Masses. Not all parishioners are aware of Missio. In the meantime box holders are invited to bring red boxes in as soon as possible.

Baptism Preparation Course Sat. 10th June in church at 9am.

Fred and Gladys Keep them always true to your commandments. Keep them faithful in marriage and let them be living examples of Christian life. Give them the strength which comes from the gospel so that they may be witnesses of Chris to others. Bless them with children and help them to be good parents. May they live to see their children's children. And after a happy old age, grant them fullness of life with all the saints in the Kingdom of Heaven. (Nuptial Blessing) We pray for the seven couples in our parish getting married this year.

Parish Registration fill in form at the back of church. SVP

Bereavement Group- Mass Friday 9 June 10am. Coffee after.

Candles We all love lighting a candle perhaps for a loved one no longer with us or for a special intention. In future the only candles available will be is 2-3 inch. Please be extremely careful. Candles are a fire hazard.

Only Short Breaks this year. It won't be possible for me to take a few weeks at a time. I have to be here most weekends. At least we will save some money by not having to pay supply fees - weekend costs about £350.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Childrens clothing, bedding and craft items for children as well as games such as badminton sets. Medical items.

Gardening Group - Next meeting Saturday 10th June 10am. Please if you have any experience/ interest in landscaping we would value your opinion. Good progress in being made but we need ideas.

Purley Food Hub- top 10 priority- Long life whole milk, cup a soup, tinned meat meals, small jars of coffee, small/ medium squash, tinned vegetarian meals, children's chocolate treats, unisex shampoo, washing powder tablets and toilet rolls.

Reflection Nowadays, thanks to sceurity cameras all over the place, we are frequently being watched by a cold dispassionate eye. intent only in catching us in wrongdoing. The feeling that someone is watching us is not a pleasant feeling. But the feeling that someone is watching over us is a lovely feeling. God is not watching us: God is watching over us. This conviction gives us strength in times of weakness, comfort in times of sadness, and hope in times of despair.

Final Blessing

May the Lord surround you with his favour as with a shield.

May the Lord be a refuge for you in times of distress, and a fortress in times of danger.

May you live in such a way that the love and peace of God will reign among you.

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