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Parish newsletter, 28th May 2023

Saturday PMB 279

6.30pm: Paul Martin Rec Dec

Sunday PMB 288

8.30pm: Parish

10 am: Christine Jones Rec Dec

11.30am: Con Hogan Rec Dec

Monday NO MASS

Tuesday NO MASS


10am: Eucharistic Service


10am: Eucharistic Service


10am: Eucharistic Service


6.30pm: Monica Tigar RIP

Sunday The Trinity

8.30am: Parish

10.00 am: Joseph Carty RIP

11.30 am: Mary Clerkin Rec Dec

The Feast of Pentecost Today we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the apostles. As a result of his coming, they left the upper room where they had been hiding from the Jews and set out to courageously preach the Gospel.

The power of the Holy Spirit is available to us too. Let us reflect for a moment on our need for the Holy Spirit to enter into our lives.

We need strength when we are weak and courage when we are afraid.

We need guidance in times of doubt, and consolation in times of sorrow and loss.

We are members of our parish community. We are dedicated to living and spreading the Gospel.

Mary Untier of Knots May is the month of our Lady and a time for all of us to pray that we may become closer to her Divine Son. Mary concerns herself from her place in heaven to help us on our journey. Visit the beautiful statues of Our Lady. We have two! One title given to the Mother of God is "Untier of knots" the idea being that when we are in a real mess Mary, through her prayers for us to her son, can help us to get going again. Prayers are always answered in the best possible way for our salvation and our happiness and our Christian life. So many of us suffer from anxiety. The Mother of God wants to help.

We pray for the coming of the Spirit in us, on the world, and on the church.

We pray that the Holy Spirit may renew us in our commitment to Christ.

We pray for those who guide the destiny of nations: that the Holy Spirit may open their ears to the voice of conscience.

We pray for those whose spirits are crushed by misfortune: that the Holy Spirit may breathe new life into them

We pray for all of us gathered here in our parish: that the Holy Spirit may warm our hearts with his love and strengthen our wills with his grace.

We pray for our deceased relatives and friends: that the Lord may keep them safe in his love.

God of love, open our hearts to the coming of the Holy Spirit so that we may follow your son more faithfully on earth and come to share his glory in heaven.

Pentecost we need to remind ourselves is about being sent out to proclaim the Gospel and it involves all of us. I well remember as a small child priests going out to Africa as missionaries. Many of them were Irish and went to Nigeria. There are no prizes for guessing why there is a Guinness Brewery in Nigeria | We are invited to help the missionary effort of the Church overseas. to bring God's love to all people. With the support of parishioners. missionaries can walk alongside our sisters and brothers who are most in need, helping them embrace the freedom and dignity that comes from discovering that Christ loves them. Father Anthony Chantry, Mission National Director, has written to thank us for supporting the overseas mission, and to encourage us to pray and continue to support Missio and the Mill Hill Missionaries.

"Together we create infrastructure in poor and often remote areas by helping the local communities to build churches, convents. schools, children's homes, clinics and dispensaries. Together we help support the training future priests, sisters, catechists who will lead, teach, and serve the people of young and developing churches. Together we are inspiring children from all countries to pray and care for each other, facing the challenges of he future with faith, hope and love. Please do pass on my thanks to your volunteers who make our work possible, and to all Red Box holders and annual donors." There will be a collection for the foreign missions on the final Sunday of October with an appeal at all Masses. Not all parishioners are aware of Missio. in the meantime box holders are invited to bring red boxes in as soon as possible.

Baptism Preparation Course Sat. 10th June in church at 9am.

Fred and Gladys We pray for the seven couples in our parish getting married this year. In the love of man and wife, God shows us a wonderful reflection of his own eternal love. Today Fred and Gladys have dedicated themselves to one another in unending love.

They will share with one another all that life brings. Let us ask God to bless them in the years ahead and to be with them in all the circumstances of their marriage. Christ is present to Fred and Gladys in this Sacrament of matrimony. We pray that he will continue to make his presence felt throughout their lives.

Parish Registration fill in form at the back of church. SVP

Bereavement Group- Mass Friday 9th June 10am. Coffee after.

Candles We all love lighting a candle perhaps for a loved one no longer with us or for a special intention - and may be even for passing exams. Incidentally. God always answers prayers for exam success. He may help the person marking the exams. He may say

"Do some more work!". Candles are fire hazards as we know only too well. It has been suggested that we have electric candles installed - at the cost of one euro. This is too much. Our supplier in Dublin can no longer supply 4 inch shrine candles. The only candle available is 2-3 inch. Not ideal but I think we'll have to try if for the time being but please be extremely careful. Candles are discouraged by the diocese.

Holidays I'm not able to take much of a summer break this year - and certainly not my entitlement of 3-4 weeks. I shall not be away at weekends unless I can find a supply. Before BREXIT Polish priests would come over and stay in the presbytery and run everything. It was good for us and for them. To get a supply priest for a weekend costs about £350.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Children clothing, bedding and craft items for children as well as games such as badminton sets. Sadly, at present, children amuse themselves by collecting spent shells to play with.

Purley Food Hub- URGENTLY NEEDED- 500g sugar. Tinned tomatoes, tinned rice pudding.Also toddlers microwave meals, dessert fruit, hot chocolate (water), bars of soap, unisex shampoo and deodorant, washing powder tablets

Reflection St Paul warns us against self-indulgence. Self-indulgence leads to fighting. jealousy, cruelty, meanness and revenge. Things such as these make life miserable. Paul urges us to allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit. If we do. then our lives will be characterised by love, joy, peace, kindness. goodness. faithfulness gentleness and self-control. These are beautiful things and make life joyful.

Spirit of the living God, fall afresh in us.

It's the end of Easter. Back to green again. Feast of the Most Holy Trinity next Sunday - white again. And finally Happy Birthday church

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