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Prayers of the faithful (14 February 2021)

Real suffering can isolate us from others as with the Leper Jesus’ response to suffering was one of compassion. The Leper came to him for healing. Let us bring our petitions before him with humility and confidence.

For Christians: that they may bear suffering in a way that brings hope and courage to others

For all who care for the sick, whether at home, or in a nursing home or in hospital. We remember particularly NHS workers. We remember the victims of leprosy.

That we may be sensitive to the sufferings of those around us and ensure that they do not have to carry their cross alone.

For those who are victims of domestic violence

For young people who are struggling with their studies

For all who are facing hunger and thirst – and that those of us who enjoy wealth may not shy away from our Christian duty of loving care for all in any kind of need

For those who suffer from loneliness and isolation from others. That our church may be welcoming and accepting of all

For all who find life too difficult to bear : that they may seek God through prayer and the sacraments.

For those of our loved ones who have died : that they may rest in the peace of the Lord

For our own special needs

God our Father, help us to learn from your son, who shows us your compassion in the face of human suffering, and how to combine action and prayer. We ask this through Christ our Lord AMEN

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