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Parish newsletter, 14th May 2023


6.30pm: Angelo Fernandes RIP

Sunday PMB 268

8.30pm: Parish

10 am: UCM King Charles

11.30am: Noreen and Michael Healy

Monday NO MASS



Thursday The Ascension PMB 272

10am: Mary Wettern


10:am : Dr Anne Smith.

Saturday: PMB 268

6.30pm : Matt Davis Rec Dec

Sunday: PMB 275

8.30am: Parish

10.00 am: Holy Souls

11.30 am: Derek Townsend RIP

It is not easy to live as disciple of Jesus in the modern world. It never was easy. But for that reason Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit. When we are weak we must pray to the spirit. The spirit comforts us in times of sorrow, enlightens us in times of darkness, and makes us brave and strong in times of weakness.

The word Jesus uses for the Spirit is the word "Advocate". A legal term for one who supports a defendant at a trial. The Spirit will be the great defender of the disciples in times of rial. The follower of Jesus can expect to suffer. But as Peter says in the second reading, it is better to suffer for doing the right thing rather than the wrong thing. Knowing that our cause is right gives us great strength. Besides, we have the example of Christ, who, through innocent, suffered and died for our sins.

The aposiles knew that Jesus loved them. And we know that Jesus loves us too. There is no mistaking love. You fee it in your heart. It is like a flame that warms the soul, energises your spirit and supplies passion for your life. Love is our connection to God and to each other. Love is the climate in which the Christian lives. "Love one another as I have loved you" That sums it all up.

Romanian Bishop of lasi, Bishop Iosif Paulet, visited our parish last Sunday to celebrate Mass at 6pm. It was truly amazing and I have never seen the church so full of young people. Afterwards there was a party in the hall, with dancing, eating and drinking. There is a Mass each Sunday in Romanian at 5pm

Maintenance of St George's Cathedral collection £346.11

Empowering Vulnerable Children I can confirm that £1189.91 was raised at our recent appeal in your parish for our work. It is because of such work that we are able to provide a future through education for some of the poorest children in the world. Please accept our grateful thanks. Ted Fawcett Chairman. I am hoping that some parishioners might like to offer continuing support jor this value for money charity. Any interest?

Empowering Women and Bidding Prayers Any interest in writing them? May be some ladies in the parish might like to come and see me to discuss whether it would be possible for a group or groups to compose prayers for use during Mass. As things stand the Church does not ordain women and they can't preach in church

Appeals /Collections. It's pretty clear that if an appeal is made from the pulpit then the collection is healthier and above all parishioners become more involved through the communication of information. People have a right to be informed about what will happen to their money if they choose to make an offering. The recent appeal made on behalf of children in Uganda was successful - communication is surely good management practice.

Sacrament of Marriage Preparation. We pray for the seven couples in our parish getting married this year. They need prayers.

Parish Registration Please do take the time to fill in form at the back of church. This is vital for communication.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Childrens clothing, bedding and craft items for children as well as games such as badminton sets. Sadly, at present, children amuse themselves by collecting spent shells to play with.

Lifts to Church. contact Kevin Singleton 07715758862

Purley Food Hub- URGENTLY NEEDED- 500g sugar. Tinned tomatoes, tinned rice pudding. Also toddlers microwave meals. dessert fruit, hot chocolate (water), bars of soap. unisex shampoo and deodorant, washing powder tablets

Union of Catholic Mothers 14 May UCM a service of enrolment/ renewal at 10am Mass. Coffee and cake sale afterwards

Learning from Seagulls It is a chilly day by the seaside, far too windy for my comfort. But the gulls don't seem to mind the wind. In fact, they seem to enjoy it. I watch them flying about: they go with it, they go against it, they soar into the sky they fly back to earth. All the time they are using the wind, they are availing of its power. And I reflect on who we, the disciples of Jesus, are so easily blown off course by the winds of adversity. Lord send us

the Holy Spirit who will enable us to turn the hard and easy to our advantage, so that everything that happens to us may bear us along the road to your kingdom.

We rejoice in the God who has called us out of darkness, and we pray that all the world may be bathed in his wonderful light.

We pray for the Pope and the bishops: that they may inspire and help the people of god to obey God's commandments not out of fear but out of love.

We pray for government leaders: that they may be guided by the commandments of love

We pray for those who are suffering persecution because of heif belief in Christ.

Next week collection for Communications - more later.

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