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Parish newsletter, 3 April 2022

Saturday PMB Page 176

5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30: Rosanne Morgan (welfare)

Sunday 5th Sunday of Lent

8.30am: Parish

10am: O’Sullivan (thanks)

11.30am: Cameron Tetley Rec Dec


4pm: Reception of Ida Braganza’s Body


12 noon Requiem Mass Ida Braganza


9am: Eucharistic Devotion

10am: Hannah and Stephen Burns


10am: Norah and Michael O’Sullivan RIP


1pm: Wedding

6.30pm: Exposition with Confessions

7.30pm: Peace in Ukraine

Saturday PMB Page 184

5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm : Rosanne Morgan RIP

Sunday Palm Sunday

8.30am: Parish

10am: John Nelligan RIP

11.30: David Jefferies RIP

CAFOD Lenten Family Fast Day Collection this weekend.

In today’s Gospel we hear again the immortal words of Jesus spoken to those who wanted him to condemn the woman caught in the very act of committing adultery : “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone”. We too often pass harsh judgements on others. Jesus offers pardon and peace. We are more interested in condemnation and harsh punishment. Jesus offers a better way of living. We dwell in a cul-de-sac of bitterness and self hatred. Jesus invites us to rejoice in the presence of others and to show love rather than hatred. We are inadequate and try to cover ourselves by taking to criticism of others. Jesus offers to bind up our broken hearts and lives. We seek revenge not recognising that our neighbour also belongs to God and is invited to the fullness of life.

First Reading A message of hope addressed to the Jewish exiles in Babylon. There will be a new exodus so glorious that the great events of the past will scarcely be remembered. All this is because God is faithful to his people.

Second Reading Nothing can outweigh the supreme privilege of knowing Christ. Paul has willingly sacrificed everything for the justification that comes from faith in Christ, and for hope of the resurrection. Like a runner in a race Paul keeps his eye on the winning post. What else is there ? Football ? Rugby ?

The Gospel They set a trap for Jesus – they who proclaimed to be religious and in good relations with God thought they could catch him out and make him deny the Law of Moses. As we see, Jesus is well able to take care of himself and shows great compassion to the poor lady caught sinning. They really though they could bully him. It’s all to do with power.

Reflection The scene in the Gospel was a dark and ugly one. But Jesus illuminated it with the radiance of his kindness. The lovely thing about kindness done to us is that it continues to benefit us long afterwards, through the memory we have of it. And the lovely thing about a kindness we do to another is that it benefits us as much as the one for whom we do it. When we treat another person kindly a sweetness falls like dew into our heart.

We’re NOT OK In truly holy people, knowledge of sin is not denigrating but liberating because it enables them to break through the subtle illusions and self-deceptions that finally stand in the way of joy. And the most dangerous of these lies is that everything is just fine: I’m OK; you’re OK. Christianity is a salvation religion, and thus its basic assumption is that there is something wrong with us, indeed so very wrong that we just could never in principle fix it ourselves. Endowed with mind and will, we human beings can respond to the divine love or reject it. We can bask in the light of God’s love or just turn it out ! The choice is ours. (Here, lent kicks in!) God wants all people to be saved, to share in his divine life. His life is love freely given, and therefore it can be had only in the measure that it is freely returned. It is not forced on us. HELL is the choice to live outside this love, to say simply my will be done rather that thy will be done See what happened to the younger son. What a mess he got himself into! But he made it back home and discovered JOY.

Confessions (Sacrament of Reconciliation) each Saturday at 5.45pm. Also. This coming Friday at 6.30pm -7.30pm during Exposition of the Blesssed Sacrament

Confirmation Meeting Because of varying school holidays the meeting has been changed to Saturday 23 April at 5pm.

First Confession children. Well done! Hard on the kids if mom and dad don’t ever seem to go!

Ukraine Thank you for your donation of £126.15 This is going off to CAFOD for onward transmission

Early Warning – Missio (APF) Boxes – Could box holders please bring in their boxes next weekend 9th/10th April. If you would like details regarding gift aid or paying your money direct to Missio please see Peter or Nita at Mass or contact them on 02086605870. Thank you.

Planned Giving and Gift Aid- The diocese has produced a One Page Planned Giving Form. These forms are still available.

Coloma Old Girls Association annual luncheon Saturday 23rd April 2022. Celebration Mass and lunch, starting at 11.15am. For more information and tickets please go to:

Or call Clare on 02087760186 email

The Passage - Catholic Charity working with homeless is raising funds via the Big Give matched giving scheme. Every £1 donated by noon on April 19th will realise £2 (£2.25 if taxpayer).

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