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Parish newsletter, 10 April 2022

Saturday PMB Page 190

5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30: Rosanne Morgan RIP

Sunday Palm Sunday

8.30am: Parish

10am: John Nelligan RIP

11.30am: David Jefferies RIP

Monday No Mass


10am: Cyrillo and Angela (welfare)


10am: Herbert Joseph Madden RIP

1lam: Requiem Mass - Elizabeth Tyson

Holy Thursday PMB 199

7.30: Katie Townsend RIP

Good Friday

11am: Stations of the Cross

3pm: Celebration of the Lord's Passion PMB 204

Sacrament of Reconciliation afterwards

Saturday Easter Vigil PMB 22

12pm: Poswiecenie Welkonocnych Potraw

6.30pm: Priest Inention

Sunday Easter Sunday Page 258

8.30am: Deceased Parishioners

10am: Debbie Bennett RIP

11.30: Monica Catalina Calma RIP

Holy Week This week, all over the world, Christians will be celebrating the great mystery of God's love for us. This is the week Christ lived out the truth of the words "Greater love no man has than he who lays down his life for his sheep". So often we fail to respond to the love of Christ. This is our tragedy - the tragedy of all of us and of he whole world. We must never be afraid of showing our loyalty to Christ in an indifferent and often hostile world. We are called to work unstintingly for justice and for peace. Those who are deprived of justice and freedom and of life itself are invited to seek strength in Jesus Christ. Are we alert to

those who suffer alone, who have to carry their cross alone? We pray for our deceased relatives and friends, remembering those who have died in Ukraine.

The Procession Christ enters Jerusalem as a humble king and gentle Messiah. He is greeted with joy. Salvation and peace are at hand.

First Reading The servant must be a disciple, humbly following and faithfully receiving God's word. Only then may he teach others. Insults do not touch him as he is confident that God will vindicate him.

Second Reading Jesus took upon himself the human condition, humbling himself even to accepting a shameful death. He is rewarded. He is raised from the dead. The Passion Jesus is denied justice and maltreated. He is entirely innocent of all wrong doing. It is women who accompany him on his final journey and he dies praying for and forgiving his enemies.

CAFOD Lenten Family Fast Day Collection amounted to an excellent £627.23 which has been sent to Cafod with 10 Gift Aid envelopes. This will help alleviate malnutrition in

children throughout the world. Donations can still be made; there are envelopes and the Cafod box in the narthex.

Reflection This week we recall the passion of Jesus. The fact that Jesus could and did suffer, means that he understood our suffering and gives a meaning to it by showing that it is the price of love and the path to glory. In the fragile humanity which he shared with us, he bore the wounds of love and fidelity

Holy Week - a time to reflect and repent. In truly holy people, knowledge of sin is not denigrating but liberating because it enables them to break through the subtle illusions

and self-deceptions that finally stand in the way of joy. And the most dangerous of these lies is that everything is just fine: I'm OK; you're OK. Christianity is a salvation religion, and thus its basic assumption is that there is something wrong with us, indeed so very wrong that we just could never in principle fix it ourselves. Endowed with mind and will, we human beings can respond to the divine love or reject it. We can bask in the light of God's love or just turn

it out! The choice is ours. (Here, lent kicks in!) God wants all people to be saved, to share in his divine life. His life is love freely given, and therefore it can be had only in the measure that it is freely returned. It is not forced on us. HELL is the choice to live outside this love, to say simply my will be done rather that thy will be done.

Confessions (Sacrament of Reconciliation) after each Mass in Holy Week and after Good Friday Liturgy.

Confirmation Meeting for new recruits. Because of varying school holidays the meeting has been changed to Saturday 23 April at 5pm. All who are preparing for Confirmation should think about attending the Holy Week Liturgy. I would invite parents to encourage them and support them by attending. Those who are serious about their Catholic faith

will make this an absolute priority.

Ukraine Thank you for your donation of £141.55 . Please note that the hall is now being used for collecting items for onward transmission to Ukraine. Inevitably, this will effect parish activities in that there may not be as much space available. I'm sure this is the right thing to do.

Have You Remembered your Missio (APF) Boxes for

emptying? If not and it's full ring Peter/Nita Kelley 02086605870. Boxes will be next collected in October. New Box Holders wanted.

Planned Giving and Gift Aid- The diocese has produced a One Page Planned Giving Form ; forms are still available.

Coloma Old Girls Association annual luncheon Saturday 23rd April 2022. Celebration Mass and lunch, starting at 11.15am. For more information Clare 02087760186

Purley Food Hub. Top 10 items for April - small jars jam, honey, tinned tomatoes, small packets dried potato, soups, small bottles of squash, puddings, jellies angel delight. tinned rice pudding, unisex shampoo and washing powder tablets.

Live Simply - we would love to hear about your progress from those of you who made various pledges last year. Mary Piper 8.30 - Denise Miller 10- Mary Coldwell or Peter

Elfer. J&P Group

Easter Offerings Envelopes available in the narthex. Your personal offering to your parish priest - together with Christmas offerings this is my wages!

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