Prayers of the faithful (28 March 2021)

Let us come before God our Father in faith and hope, asking him to listen to our needs and those of our suffering world

We pray for our Church: that the Pope, our bishops, priests and all of God’s people may be given strength to live their lives more fully

We pray for all our parishioners and members of our local community who are in any sort of need: may we go to their help and support with understanding and care

For all Christians : that during this Holy Week they may learn to walk in the path of truth and goodness with ever greater love and humility

That Christ may enlighten those in error, and guide those involved in wrongdoing

We pray for our world: may those who are undervalued and despised find true recognition and respect

We pray for those who are hungry and we remember especially the work of CAFOD

For those who are victims of torture and violence

We pray for those facing loss of any kind: may we listen to their pain, support them in their anxieties and offer them hope and love in their need

We pray for all who suffer and feel rejected, or who are wounded in body, mind or spirit: may the example of Christ’s acceptance of suffering help them to find comfort in their uncertainties and struggles

We pray for those who will die tonight May they find in God a merciful saviour and a sure comfort.

We remember especially all those of our loved ones who have now gone to their rest. We pray to Mary the kindest comforter of all who mourn.

Father, may the mystery of our Lord’s death and resurrection transform our lives and lead us all to a share in his glory. We make our prayers through Christ our Lord

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