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Prayers of the faithful (14 November 2020)

God wants us to use the gifts he has given us so that we may live full lives here and enjoy eternal life hereafter. We bring our needs and petitions before the Lord.

For all the members of the Church: that we may develop; and use the talents that God has given us.

For Pope Francis: that he may protect and increase the flock that is entrusted to his care

For bishops, priests and all church leaders: that they may be granted strength and wisdom in the service of God’s people.

For world leaders entrusted with responsibilities both small and great; that they may be good and faithful public servants.

For young people: that they may be helped to find the unique giftedness with which God has graced every human being.

For all those who through laziness, carelessness, or simply lack of confidence, have failed to make use of their talents.

For each other: that, instead of envying others who are more talented than we are, we may strive to use our own particular talents to the full.

For ourselves: that we may be conscientious in carrying out the smallest of duties and given the support we need when our burdens weigh heavily and seem just too much to bear.

We pray especially for Liz Duffy of our parish who died on Monday. Her gentleness and kindness will now be rewarded in the Kingdom of God which he has prepared for us all.

We pray for God’s blessing for our own special needs.

Heavenly Father, help us to use well the gifts of grace and nature which you have given us so that one day we may merit to hear those wonderful of words: “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

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