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Parish newsletter, 9th April 2023


6.15 pm: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: Katie Townshend RIP

Easter Sunday PMB 251

8.30pm: Ann M Quiller int

10 am: Kay Power RIP

11.30am: 45 yrs anniv Grazyna & Zbigniew Wozniak

15 yrs anniv Paulina & Simon Sapeta




10am: Christine O'Neill Rec Dec


10am: Olga Laut


10am: Minnie Barker RIP


10 am: Hannan Stephen Burns

Saturday, PMB 255

6.15pm Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: Dec Parishioners (Ellis)

8.30am: Carmel Jones (int)

10.00 am: Margaret Dickens RIP (UCM)

11.30 am: Grace & Tim Fernandes RIP

Easter Offerings - This week's offering constitutes, together with Christmas the major part of my wages. Please help if you can.

The Feast of Easter! Rebirth after death. Christ is risen, having given his life for the world, for each of us. Jesus sees our doubts, our sins, our despair. He looks on those who are overwhelmed by disease, destroyed by violence, all those who are in the grip of death.

In these days of intense prayer we think of all the martyred peoples who suffer from war, of all those refugees and migrants who lose their lives in the Mediterranean and the English Chanel.

But in Christ, life takes away death's destructive power. Love overcomes the powers of evil. Hatred and violence will not have the last word.

God reaches out to build a humanity of love and of peace.

Let us learn to walk in the light of Jesus, on a path of humanity, both for ourselves and in our relationships with others.

Let us know how to bear witness to our faith in order to bring joy and peace to our brothers and sisters.

Let us make our own the words of Brother Charles de Foucault:

"to bear witness with all our lives, in the heart of the deserts of the world, to this incomprehensible tenderness of God for every human being, especially those who feel abandoned, excluded, those who are written off'

Let us rediscover the joy of living, happiness, peace of mind. May love fill our hearts in these days of celebration.

We have had the opportunity to accompany Jesus on his final journey, On that journey he suffered torture, betrayal, crucifixion, and death. We were, and are, responsible. It gives us an insight into the fickleness of the human heart, but also into the immense compassion of God.

Good Friday The day on Which Christ dies might well be called bad Friday. But we call it Good Friday. We do so because that dark day was made luminous by the goodness of Jesus, and because we see it in the light of Easter. His death may have seemed a defeat. It was not a defeat; it was a victory; the victory of love over hate, of good over evil, and of life over death.

Happy Days I think Easter is a happy time because it is a Feast of Hope. Death had never been beaten. The world of Peter, James and John and many others crumbled into dust when their master died on the cross. What a transformation for them on that morning when they realised that he had risen. The sun began to shine again, God was indeed in his heaven and all was right with the world. Death had at last been beaten. In him who rose from the dead our hope of resurrection dawned. Lord, for your faithful people life is changed not ended. The sadness of death gives way to the bright promise of immortality.

Loss and Sadness During the course of our lives we experience many losses and disappointments. This brings home to us just how fragile we are and how brittle our dreams.

Lord, may the splendour of your resurrection scatter the shadows of death, and enable us to walk in radiant hope towards the Kingdom where there are no more shattered hopes or broken dreams.

Appeal - Empowering Vulnerable Children in Uganda. Raised £1188.91. Poor Parishes collection £364.37

First Sacraments Meeting Church Saturday April 22 at 5pm.

Sacrament of Marriage Preparation. We pray for the seven couples in our parish getting married this year.

Baptism Preparation after Easter as and when required. Parish Registration Please do take the time to fill in form at the back of church. This is vital for communication.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags for those on the front line. Walking sticks, walking aids, crutches, wheelchairs, hygiene items, nappies, baby food and vick. If you are having a spring clean you may find some bedding, towels, clothes, which will be very welcome. HGV number 5,containing 33 pallets of sanitiser is at the Polish/Ukraine border waiting for permission to cross and HGV no.6 is crossing Germany.

Lifts to Church. contact Kevin Singleton 07715758862

Bad News heavy rain got in through the roof and has caused damage - yet again!

The door at the back of the church, next to the repository, is unsafe. Need to get it fixed. Pray for the door and my patience

Purley Food Hub - thank you for your donations.

Cartons of long life whole life milk, jars of peanut butter, packets of dried potato, 500g pts pasta, jars of pasta sauce, tins of dessert fruit, hot chocolate requiring water, toilet rolls, unisex shampoo and deodorants.

Covid has not gone away. Many people in the area, including some parishioners, are infected. I would ask Eucharistic Ministers to wear masks when distributing Holy Communion. We have a duty of care to each others

Cafod Lent Appeal €1529.31. What a magnificent response. Thank you.

And, finally, have a happy and joyful Easter. Love from us here, Fr Martin, his mum, Mary, and Shirley.

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