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Parish newsletter, 6th March 2023


6.15 pm : Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: Monica Tigar Rec Dec

Sunday 2nd Sunday of Lent PMB 155

8.30pm: Michael & Christine O'Neill Rec Dec

10 am: Maria Havers RIP

11.30am: James Reynolds Rec Dec'd


10am: No Mass


9am: School Mass

10 am. Sr. Leo ( welfare)


10am: Margaret Dickens RIP


10am: Irma Jacqueline Madden RIP

Friday Stations of the Cross after Mass 10am: Ignatius Pinto RIP


6.15pm Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm James Haslett RIP ( anniversary)


8.30am: Raymond Lee RIP

10.00 am: Ida Braganoa RIP (anniversary)

11.30 am: Parish

Second collection today for Cafod

Coffee after 10 am Mass

Last weeks collection for Clergy Support Fund raised £856.38. Thank you for your generosity.

First Reading Abraham is one of those key individuals called on to execute God's purpose in the world. Abraham represents a special relationship between God and man. The human race is blessed and a saviour will be born.

Second Reading God calls us, but not through our own merits. We have to suffer but we are empowered by God and will inherit eternal life. Not a bad deal!

Gospel: A contrived story but something happened up that mountain. The followers are given power, through a glimpse of God, to put up with all the suffering and anxiety which seems to be our lot. "Stand up. Don't be afraid".

Why Homily ? The homily serves as a moment of reflection, instruction, exhortation and consolation. A good homily will uses scripture as a framework for understanding our relationship with God; for teaching us about how to grow in his grace; for encouraging us to hold fast to the faith; and for offering us comfort when we fall.

First Sacraments Meeting Church Saturday 4 March at 5-6.15. All children to attend. First Communion 1st July.

Marriage Preparation Saturday 10am in Church - next meeting March 11th- A Portrait of Jesus

Baptism Preparation 18 March 9am in Church.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags for those on the front line. Walking sticks, walking aids, crutches, wheelchairs, water purifying tablets, water jugs with purifying cartridges, medicines, sanitary items and computers.

374 boxes containing medicines, medical aids, food and other essential items left the hall last Wednesday. For the next HGV van, which will be departing in a couple of weeks, as well as all the above, we have been asked specifically for FOOTBALLS, trainers, boots, tracksuits and other sporty items. Children are really into their football but they need the basics. Men's trainers are always needed. School supplies are also needed. Anyone have a standing white board? There has also been a special request for VICK. Russia is not collecting the bodies of their dead soldiers. Vick can alleviate the smell of decay for those who are surrounded by the bodies. At present the weather is helping as it is still very cold but it will get warmer soon and the situation will therefore change.

Lifts to Church. If you are able to help or need help in getting to Mass svp contact Kevin Singleton 07715758862

Free confidential help in preparing your CV or with interview. Contact Anthony 07941527328 w/e or eve.

Invitation to Inauguration of Caritas Southwark with Archbishop John Wilson, Saturday 18th March at St George's Cathedral, 12.30 pm Mass.

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