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Parish newsletter, 7 November 2020


Mass in private for William Lewis


8.30am - 12pm Church open for private prayer with exposition

Mass in private for the parish


For the parish in private


For the parish in private


Dead of two World Wars in prviate


In time of pandemic in private


Private intention


In honour of the Mother of God for parish

5.45-6.15 Sacrament of Mercy

6.30pm: William Lewis RIP


Mass for Union of Catholic Mothers

The time is now. God lives in the present, inviting us to the fullness of life. Conversion, commitment and salvation are in the here and now, or when we get round to it? Compassion is the true sign of a worthy and true follower of Christ. Prayers are fine. They must lead us along this path so that we will give to and for the others until it hurts. There's no escaping from the basic call of the Kingdom of God. We are invited to be ready because we don't know when the end will be. Today's gospel invites us to be ready when Jesus calls. The point is this and I think I missed it for most of my life. It doesn't just mean death or the end of the world. It means being ready here and now when the moment of grace comes along - to be ready to respond to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We need to keep in mind that there is one prayer, which, I believe is always answered quickly. It is: 'Come, Holy Spirit'.

First reading (Wisdom 6: 12-16)

The writer, thought to be King Solomon reflects on wisdom, a person - in fact, woman, who acts as God's agent in the world, who shares intimately in God's life and creative purpose. This is a wonderfully refreshing reading. Wisdom is there waiting for us. She is bright and does not grow dim. She makes herself known to us. Watch for her, the divinely inspired author recommends, and we will have no trouble. It even says that if we invite her into our lives anxiety will leave us! I wished I met her a few years ago!

Second reading (1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18)

God promises us everlasting life as we share in the resurrection of Jesus. We cannot be certain how this will be. But we can be sure that God's promises are to be trusted. This reading is often used at funerals for obvious reasons. It offers hope. My problem with atheists is that they have lost all sense of wonder. They think the world is self contained, complete. They have the answers, so they contend. But do they really ask the right questions? Maybe they should endeavour to ask better questions. The fact for believers is that Jesus died and rose from the dead. We are offered the amazing gift of eternal life. I have talked to quite a few people, even lately, who are looking forward to death and being united with their loved ones. November is the month we remember the dead. I will be saying private masses throughout and of course Sunday mass is recorded.

The parable of the wise and foolish bridesmaid is principally about having hearts, minds and spirits open and alert to detect the presence of Jesus in our lives. It's all too easy to be sleepy much of the time. God's presence requires a response. This gospel fits in well with Wisdom and One Thessalonians.


The foolish have no oils in their lamps. They burn themselves out through a life of self seeking and dedication to worldly cares and vanities. They do not even think of the Lord, much less wait for his coming. The wise, on the other hand, have oil in their lamps. They are detached from themselves and the cares of the world, and are full of charity. They are waiting for the Lord, and desire nothing else but their coming. Let us keep our minds alight with faith, our souls alight with hope and our hearts alight with love as we wait in joy for the coming of our saviour.

Prayer. I’m trying to say a mass in the time of a pandemic most weeks. Here is the

Entrance antiphon: Truly the Lord has borne our infirmaries, and he has carried our sorrows.

The Collect: Almighty and eternal God, our refuge in every danger, to whom turn in our distress; in faith we pray look with compassion on the afflicted, grant eternal rest to the dead, comfort to mourners, healing to the sick, strength to healthcare workers, wisdom to our leaders and the courage to reach all in love, so that together we may give glory to your holy name. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

COVID prayer: Loving and healing God, we turn to you confident that you are with us and with all people in every moment. We stand before you as a people of hope, trusting in yoru care and protection. May your faithful love support us and soothe the anxiety of our hearts. Generous God, fill us with compassion and concern for others, young and old, that we may look after one another in these challenging days. Bring healing to those who are sick and strength to all who care for them. Give wisdom to leaders in healthcare and givernance, that they may the right decisions for the wellbeing of people. We seek refuge under your protection, O Holy Mother of God. Do not despise our pleas - we who are put to the test - and deliver us from every danger. O glorious and Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen.

Prayers of the Faithful: As members of Christ's body, called to the salt for the earth and light of the world, we bring befire our loving creator the needs of the Church and of God's suffering people. With abounding hope in our hearts we pray for light and for wisdom.

- For the Church: that through an effective preaching of the Gospel it may provide a lamp of hope for a world darkened by despair.

- For all political leaders and those who bear responsibility for decisions that impact on society. May they work with minds and hearts open to God's spirit for wisdom for the common good.

- For all who work for peace based on true justice, that they may never despair and feel that their efforts are in vain.

- We pray for those facing death. May their lives end in a spirit of peace and reconciliation without fear or regret.

- For those who mourn the loss of a loved one: that they may know the comfort of God.

- We pray that all baptised persons may experience the graces they have received in lives of love and compassion, filled with the joy of Christ.

- We pray for those who have nothing to wait for, nothing to hope for, nobody to love and care for them.

- We pray for our parish: that through the practice of prayer and good works we may wait in joyful hope for the coming of our saviour.

God of Mercy, you continue to love us even when we live foolishly and forget who we are and where we are going. Help us to grow in wisdom and love, as we travel towards the wedding feast if your Kingdom. These prayers we make through Christ our Lord.

Baptism preparation Please speak to me ASAP (0208 688 5002).

Catholic? Thinking of becoming a Catholic or haven’t been confirmed? Please make contact ASAP. All things are possible.

Take a deeper look. In the earliest days of the Christian movement, when both Jews and Greeks looked upon the nascent faith as either scandalous or irrational, it was the moral goodness of the followers of Jesus that bought many to belief. The church father Tertullian conveyed the wondering pagan reaction to the early Church in his famous adage, "How these Christians love one another!" At a time when the exposure of malformed infants was commonplace, when the poor and the sick were often left to their own devices, and when the murderous revenge was a matter of course, the early Christian cared for unwanted babies, give succour to the sick and dying, and endeavoured to forgive the persecutors of the faith. And this goodness extended not simply to their brothers and sisters but astonishly to outsiders and enemies. This peculiarly excessive form of moral decency convinced many people that something strange was afoot among these disciples of Jesus, something splendid and rare. It compelled them to take a deeper look.

Shoe box appeal Boxes now due. Please leave in MY porch or in church on Sunday morning.

God bless you and keep safe and holy.

Fr Martin

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