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Parish newsletter, 6 March 2022

Saturday PMB Page 153

5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30 pm: Clare Pereira RIP

Sunday 1st Sunday of Lent

8.30am: Parish

10am: Renee Anderson

11.30am: Freda Jordan Rec Dec


No Mass


10am: Pascual De Souza RIP


9am: Eucharistic Devotion

10am: for the sick


10am: Peace


9am: Eucharistic Devotion

10am: Effie De Souza

10.30am: Stations of the Cross

6.30pm; Eucharistic Devotion

7.30pm : Mass for Peace in Ukraine

Saturday PMB Page 156

5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm : Julius Menezes


8.30am: Parish

10am: Renee Anderson

11.30am: Patricia Engel welfare

Collection for UKRAINE after Masses this weekend. The plate will be left out again next Sunday. All donations will be doubled

Lent has begun It is the first Sunday in the season of Lent - the journey to Easter, a journey of prayer, self-denial and good works. Jesus had to struggle against temptation. Through the grace of this holy season may we overcome our sinfulness and conquer our pride. Our hearts must turn away from evil and be pleasing to God.

First Reading The ceremony of offering to God the first fruits of the harvest. A prayer of blessing but also of thanksgiving for all that God had done for them. A reminder of Israel's history from very humble beginnings to possession of the land promised to Abraham.

Second Reading Jesus is Lord. He died for our sins and was raised from the dead. This creed - living by it; will save us.

Gospel The devil wanted to undermine the commitment of Jesus to the will of the Father, to the mission entrusted to him. We are in the same situation. The devil wants to knock us off balance and get us to reject our God-given vocation.

Friday Eucharistic Devotion There is an extra Mass in our parish on Friday evenings, during Lent, at 7.30 for Peace in Ukraine. There will be Eucharistic Devotion at 6.30pm.

immediately before this Mass.

The Sunday Mass is the very heartbeat of the Church and of our personal life of faith. We gather on the "first day of the week" and devote ourselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to the prayers (Acts 2:42) The Eucharist sustains us and spurs us on, renewing our gratitude and our hope. When we say "amen" to Christ in receiving his Body and Blood, we express the love of God which is deep within us, and at the end of the Mass, when we are sent forth, we express our love for our neighbour, especially those in need. These two dimensions reveal the true nature of our faith. We are gathered together and sent out, we pray and are fed, we worship and adore; these are intrinsic to our lives as those baptised into Christ.

Purley Food Hub. Need continues for - cartons of longlife whole milk, jars of peanut butter, jars of meat or fish paste, packets of dried potatoes, timed meat meals (not spicy), small bottles of squash, tinned/packet custard, tinned rice pudding, unisex deodorant, small washing up liquid.

Baptism Preparation course 12 March 9am in Church

Confirmation 7th June 7pm. Those now in 2nd year at secondary school may apply by way of a short letter explaining why they think they are ready for this important stage in their spiritual and life journey. Time to think about God in a serious way. Parents should be involved. They are the first and best teachers in the ways of faith. There will be a re-boot course for those who would have been confirmed two years ago.

Mass Intentions please try to use envelopes. Please give in good time if you want a particular date. Recommended offering is £10. Don't worry if you can't afford this.

Confirmation Meetings for all parents. Saturday 12 March in the church at 5pm. Then 19 March. We will look at the sacrament - sometimes called the sacrament of exit and see if and how we can help our young.

Stations of the Cross after Friday morning Mass.

Ukraine - It was announced that the government would double the money donated to certain charities. Cafod is one of these charities. Any money we collect will be sent to

Cafod. Donations can be made direct via DEC Ukraine, Humanitarian Appeal or via Cafod sort code 16-00-30

Account 11769410

A/C name Cafod (please send and email indicating that the donation is for Ukraine),

Planned Giving and Gift Aid- The diocese has produced a One Page Planned Giving Form. These forms are for those who wish to start giving via standing order, weekly donation envelopes or by cheque or those who already donate by standing order but wish to change their standing order. The forms are available from the back of church. When completed please return to the parish office. Details on the top of the form. Please remember to complete the Confirmation section at the bottom of the form. We will send the form to the bank. We have all the addresses. Gift Aid enables parishes to claim, from HMRC, an extra 25p for every £1 you donate. If you are a UK income tax payer or pay Capital Gains tax, please sign up to Gift Aid.

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