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Parish newsletter, 6 June 2021


6.30pm: Mabel and John Rupert O’Hea RIP

Sunday The Body and Blood of Christ PMB 85

8.30am: Bernardin A Fernando

10am: Parish

11.30am: Mary Ramsden

Monday NO MASS

Tuesday NO MASS

Wednesday St Columba

10am: Anastasia RIP one month


10am: Mary Rayner RIP

Friday The Most Sacred Heart

10am: Peter Fitzpatrick


6.30pm: Mary Barrett welfare

Sunday Eleventh Sunday B

8.30am: Jovita Rodrigues family welfare

10am: UCM

11.30am: Parish

Please refer to Parish Newsletter for all Mass times. They could vary! Sacrament of Reconciliation available on the Sanctuary at about 6.15pm Saturday evenings and then again after that Mass.

Mass Books are available Year B part 2. In view of the COVID restrictions it is not possible, unfortunately for parishioners to take and return as usual at the end of Mass. I am inviting you to take a copy and make a donation if you are able to afford it. Suggested donation to be placed in normal offertory basket £4. If you can’t afford it just take one and be sure to use it each week!

The First Reading The theme of “covenant” dominates all three readings. Exodus describes the solemn covenant between God and Moses on Mount Sinai. Note the significance of sacrificial blood and the importance of the word of God in the ceremony. The covenant was sealed with the blood of animals. Blood is a symbol of life, which belongs exclusively to God. The sprinkling of the people with blood symbolises the fact that God is sharing his life with them. The reading is linked to the Gospel reading by the words “the blood of the covenant”.

The Second Reading By the sacrificial death of Christ, the high priest, God has entered into a new and eternal covenant with his people.

The Gospel The preparation and celebration of the Passover meal Jesus ate with his disciples the night before he died. God has formed a new covenant with us in Christ. Like the old covenant it too was sealed with blood except that this time it is not by the blood of animals but the blood of Christ. A new rite (the Eucharist) was instituted which would be a perpetual reminder of the intimate bond that now exists between God and his people. In the Eucharist God shares his life with us each time we come to mass in our parish church.

Prayer Lord, we thank you for having us as guests at the banquet which is the Eucharist. Here we listen to your word and eat the food of eternal life. May we go forth from here nourished, honoured, blessed, humbled yet exalted, knowing that we are God’s children. May we be so sure of our worth before you that we won’t be bent on proving ourselves all the time and thinking that all depends on us. As our faith grows and deepens we come to realise that all depends on God and all is pure gift. May the honours of this world, power, wealth, pleasure, prestige, status, never ensnare us. Lord, in your goodness grant us a place in your heavenly kingdom when our day’s work is done. Lord, how quickly life goes by and so often I feel I have misses so many opportunities to share in your live by loving and living for others.

The Body of Christ Amen. And so we receive Holy Communion. That little word AMEN means that we are saying yes to the reliability of God’s love for us and for all people. It’s a little word with a big meaning. It is not to do with our private devotion. We receive Holy Communion not because we are good and deserving of it but to nourish and strengthen us so that we can be Christ to others. When we leave the Church we need to have that sense of mission – to open others’ hearts to the loving presence of God

Baptism Preparation This begins Saturday 12 June in the church at 9am Please let me know if you re hoping to have a child baptised. If all goes well, baptisms will be celebrated from July onwards . The meetings take place around the Baptismal Font. Meeting also 19 June

First Holy Communion We are looking forward to welcoming parents and children in the not-too-distant future back to our church. Obviously it makes no sense to begin preparation if the children are not coming to Mass.

Confirmation I have spoken to the Bishop and I am hoping to move forward with some final preparation so that a date can be arranged. I am looking forward to welcoming our confirmandi in the not-too-distant future back to our church.

Housekeeping Job. Father Malachy of Holy Family parish in Sanderstead, is hoping to find someone to help him with some light housekeeping work. Days, hours and salary are negotiable. If you are interested, please contact Father Malachy 07801 701763

Final Blessing May the celebration of the Eucharist bind us together in a community of love. May our love for Christ express itself in sincere and practical love for other people. May the nourishment we receive in the Eucharist keep us single minded in the Lord’s service.

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