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Parish newsletter, 5th February 2023


6.15 pm : Confessions

6.30pm: Monica Tigar Rec Dec'd

Sunday Fifth Sunday PMB 133

8.30pm: Kay Power Rec Dec'd

10 am: Pope Benedict RIP

11.30am: Parish

Monday No Mass


10am: Lilian (int)

Wednesday St Josephine Bakhita

10am: Darlington (int)


10am: Ron Head sen RIP (anniv)


12 noon Requiem Mass for Michael O'Neil RIP


6.15pm Confessions

6.30pm: Family Welfare (A)


8.30am: Margaret Dickens Rec Dec'd

10.00 am: Bridie Dolan RIP

11.30 am: David Price RIP (anniv)


First Reading If we are prepared to share life's essentials with others and to act with justice, then we will be very close to God

Second Reading Our faith is about God's wisdom not human wisdom. Ultimately, human philosophy will not save us but it does point the way. We may like to compare what philosophy says with what Jesus the source of wisdom has to say.

The Gospel If we are truly he salt of the earth and the light of the world, people should be able to see Jesus alive and active in us.

The Lord waits to be gracious to you (Is 30: 18)

Prayer begins with an emptying out of preoccupations, with a letting go of being busy, with becoming poor before God. He gives where he finds empty hands.

He does not just dump his gifts upon us. Rather, he waits until we are receptive because we need to make space to what he holds out for us. The pharisee and the publican story illustrates that in 18 Luke. The publican has the need and the desire to receive, while the pharisee is so self-sufficient that he feels that there is nothing lacking in his life. He has it all! The publican shows the kind of humility that is the basis for prayer.

Marriage Preparation. Saturday 10am in Church - a session on prayer and then the following week about the Eucharist, the source and summit of Christian life.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags, duvets and warm clothing both for people here and in Ukraine.

Purley Food Hub - tin openers, packs of custard to make with water, jars fish/meat paste/honey and jam, packs of dried potato, tinned pulses, small jars of coffee, toothbrushes, unisex showergel

St Gertrude's Gardening Group: Our project is to same the garden area behind the hall for the use of the Parish. Do you know a landscaper who, as a favour, could give us some advice as we have some practical issues with the space. Would you like to get involved? We meet fortnightly (weather permitting) on a Saturday morning between 10am-2pm, next meet on 18th February. For more info contact Peter Elfer 07955196539, Denise Miller 07747691826, Mary Piper 07884333612.


This annual event takes place from Februarv 7-14. Jf you are fortunate enough to be in a marriage you should look after it - and there are several ways of doing just that: visit https://


How to get the marriage you want out of the marriage you have. This Saturday morning online course on February 18 is aimed at couples with average-to-good marriages who would like to improve their relationship further and gain insights into their communication and the call of the Church to the married. There is no personal sharing between couples. For details email Carole on or phone 07983 524 727.


If you are mourning the death of a loved one, this weekend may be for you. It's being held at Aylesford Priory from March 24-26; cost £230 single, £210 shared. For more details phone 01622 717272 or email


SycamOre is an online course exploring our Catholic faith and suitable for individuals and couples alike. It runs throughout Lent, with weekly one-hour sessions on Tuesday evenings from 8-9pm starting on February 28. For more details or to register, visit the website: Growing in Faith Together - Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis (


Have you suffered a divorce or separation? If so, there is a residential weekend to help you heal being held from April 21-23 at the Sion Community, Brentwood, Essex. For more details, ring Freda on 01322 83841 or email

Donations for Cafod. £410.11 was raised.

Muchas Gracias

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