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Parish newsletter, 30th January 2023


6.15 pm: Confessions

6.30pm: Thomas McNamee RIP

Sunday Fourth Sunday PMB 130

8.30pm: Don Garcia Rec Dec' d

10 am: Adriana Palacios de Carrion Rec Dec' d

11.30am: Carmen Ruiz Garcia RIP (anniv)


No Mass

Tuesday St John Bosco

10am: Nancy Taylor Rec Dec'd


9am Noel Moran Rec Dec'd

Thursday Presentation of the Lord

10am: Min Ann Hall RIP

Friday St Lawrence of Canterbury

10am: David Scanlon RIP


6.15pm Confessions

6.30pm: Monica Tigar Rec Dec'd


8.30am : Kay Power Rec Dec'd

10.00 am: Pope Benedict RIP

11.30 am: Parish

First Reading The poor and lowly who put their trust in God and practise integrity and humility. God becomes the champion of his faithful remnant.

Second Reading Paul says in 1 Cor "blessed are the poor and the lowly - they are God's favourites. Conscious of their limitations they rely on God alone. The success of their work is seen as God's doing.

The Gospel The happy attitudes - the great charter of Christian freedom - a portrait of Christ. We see the values he preached. Blessedness is promised to those who live by them.

The Lord waits to be gracious to you (Is 30: 18)

Prayer begins with an emptying out of preoccupations, with a letting go of being busy, with becoming poor before God. He gives where he finds empty hands. He does not just dump his gifts upon us. Rather, he waits until we are receptive because we need to make space to what he holds out for us. The pharisee and the publican story illustrates that in 18 Luke. The publican has the need and the desire to receive, while the pharisee is so self-sufficient that he feels that there is nothing lacking in his life. He has it all! The publican shows the kind of humility that is the basis for prayer.

The Lord longs to be gracious to us. This he intends to do in two ways. Firstly, he accepts us as we are and secondly he calls us to grow. While our love is always conditioned because of our past experiences, his love is unconditional. God's love means that it is alright to be who we are when we come into his presence. He is very fond of me.

Our first response to that love is to relax in his presence and we really do need to relax if there is to be quality in our listening. In the presence of really good person we don't feel judged. In God's presence we are known was who we are and we are welcomed with joy.

As well as accepting us as we are, he wants us to grow. His love sees what we can become. He knows what we can become with the help of his transforming action. He therefore seeks to transform us through his word and through his presence in the events of our lives. His way is that of graciousness and gentleness, never the way of violence. He wants us to allow him to be gracious to us; He says that we are his work of art in Jesus Christ. He says to us, "You are always with me and all I have is yours" Luke 15

- Martin Drennan. Bishop of Galway.

Please pray for following parishioners, who have died recently - Kay Power, Julie Watson, Adriana Palacios de Carrion, Annette O'Sullivan, Joan Gibson, Robert Brugnoli and Michael O'Neil. May they Rest in Peace.

Marriage Preparation. Saturday 10am in Church

Talks on the faith for parents. TBA

Bills are high. Keep Church doors closed svp. Priest Supply Fees per Sunday £375. No need to have all the lights on in our church on weekdays. Simply come to the front.

The PFC said we need to spend more money on security. What about painting the presbytery, orange, pink, shades of green. Any ideas?

The Liturgy of the Word. New readers welcome. No jobs for life. Spend enough time with the Word Of God which they are proclaiming. Study the readings. Reading at Mass is an immense privilege and a huge responsibility - not to be taken lightly. A prayerful attitude is absolutely essential.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags, duvets and warm clothing both for people here and those in Ukraine. The hall is big enough for everybody. We can still have meeting there and of course coffee after Sunday 10am if we have a few volunteers. The problem is that after COVID many parishioners, sadly, have simply not returned to Mass attendance.

New Year, New Career - Need help preparing your CV for that New Job or help with an interview? Free, Confidential help can be undertaken remotely (Zoom) if need be. Contact Anthony 07941 527328 (eve, we)

Beginners Yoga Class St John the Divine's Church Hall on Wednesdays from 11.15-12.15. £5 per session as a block or E6 pay as you go. Sue Nelligan 07721 088487

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