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Parish newsletter, 26th February 2023


6.15 pm : Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: Lucy McCrohan

Sunday 1st Sunday of Lent PMB 151

8.30pm: Maura Kennedy rec Dec'd

10 am: Inocencia Fernandes RIP

11.30am: Parish


10am: No Mass


10 am. Matt and Pam Bermingham

Wednesday St David

9am: School Mass

10am: Ignatius Pinto RIP


10am: Brian McDonald Rec Dec'd

Friday Stations of the Cross after Mass 10am: Zita Aruliah RIP


6.15pm Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm Monica Tigar


8.30am: Michael O'Neill RIP

10.00 am: Maria Havers RIP

11.30 am: Parish

Second collection today for Clergy Support fund

FAITH A few years ago a friend sent me picture depicting two little birds in the branches of a tree growing by the side of a busy thoroughfare. The scene below was on of feverish activity, people rushing all over the place at breakneck speed, never having time to do anything and overcome much of the time by worry and distress. The caption read "What a pity they do not know that they have heavenly Father who loves and cares for them". He evidently thought it worth while bringing them into being so that he could share his love with them. He even sent his Son down to them so that he could show them the depth of his love for them.

Lent recalls the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert, during which time he was tempted by the Devil. But through prayer, fasting and fidelity to the Word of God he overcame the Tempter. We too face temptation. Let us reflect on our own lives and the temptations we face and how much we really need God to resist them.

First Reading: Adam and Eve succumb to temptation and cause a rift between themselves and God - and between themselves.

Second Reading: By his obedience towards God, Christ wins back for us the gifts lost through actions of Adam.

Gospel : Jesus was tempted by the Devil but, unlike Adam, he did not give in. He must have got his help from somewhere ! Where do we get our help from when we are being tempted ?

First Sacraments Meeting Church Saturday 44 March at 5 - 6.15. All children to attend. First Communion | July Marriage Preparation, Saturday 10am in Church - next meeting March 4th on Reconciliation.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags for thase on the front line. Walking sticks, walking aids, crutches, wheelchairs, water purifying tablets, water jugs with purifying cartridges, medicines, sanitary items and computers. Our truck with lots of hand sanitiser and warm clothes arrived in Odesa last week. Another HGV has been loaded up today for departure at the beginning of the week containing more hand sanitiser, generators for communities around Lviv and a lot of medical equipment for a hospital in Dnipro.

Some bedding and warm clothes have been given to people from Donerk and Kharkov who are now in Khrystinivka. We are hoping that an other MGV will be leaving in another 10-14 days time with more hand sanitiser, water purifying tablets, food, warm clothes, shoes, and hygiene products. We have ordered a good supply of body wipes which will be useful in hospitals, on the front line and for anyone with no access to clean water as well as other personal hygiene items.

Clergy support fund second collection- today

The Clergy Support Fund provides care for priests in their old age and retirement, and in their time of ill health. A gift to this worthy fund will ensure a dignified retirement for our priests, after they have dedicated a lifetime of service to Christ, His Church and His People.

In 2022, the Clergy Support Fund provided care to 73 retired priests, at a cost of £1.33 million. With the number of priests over the age of 65 steadily increasing, so too will the financial obligation to the Archdiocese.

Please be generous with a gift to the Clergy Support Fund and continue to keep our priests in your prayers.

Growing in Faith Together

SycamOre online course exploring Catholic faith and suitable for individuals and couples alike. It runs throughout Lent, with weekly one-hour sessions on Tuesday eventings from 8-9pm starting on February 28. For more details or to register, visit the website: Growing in Faith Together - Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis (

Church Action on Poverty, Soup Lunch Hall Friday 12 - 1.30

The message of Church Action on Poverty is hope. In these tough times crises undoubtedly impact more deeply on Increasing numbers of people who are struggling to keep warm, struggling to eat. In the midst of this how can we avoid sinking into despair? How can we retain our hope and offer a message of hope? Therefore, we are holding a Soup Lunch to support those in dire need and offer them hope.

Cafod wrote, 'Thank you to all parishioners as St Gertrude for your generous support for Cafod this year and for your latest donation of £1410.11, which we received on 16 February 2023.'

CAFOD Lenten Fast Day collection weekend 4th/Sth March 2023. Cafod has been standing alongside poor communities working with them to end poverty and injustice across the world. We will be giving out Fast day envelopes on 25th / 26 February, which can be completed at the time or returned the following weekend in box provided. If you are a UK tax payer, please gift aid your donation so Cafod can claim an extra 25% at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support and generosity. Justice and Peace Group

Lifts to Church. If you are able to help or need help in getting to Mass svp contact Kevin Singleton 07715758862

Free confidential help in preparing your CV or with your interview. Contact Anthony 07941527328 w/e or eve

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