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Parish newsletter, 26 June 2021

Saturday 6.30pm: John Condon Rec Dec

Sunday Thirteen B PMB 100

8.30am: Rosemary Burke Rec Dec

10am: Jurek Strzymowicz Rec Dec

11.30am : Intentions Mulroy Family

Monday NO MASS

Tuesday SS Peter and Paul PMB 172 Holy Day of Obligation

10am: The Parish

7.30pm: The Parish

Wednesday 10am: Anne Sheila Mitchell RIP

Thursday 10am: SB

Friday 10am: Mico Boribond

Saturday 6.30pm: Rev Patrick Taggart RIP

Sunday Fourteen B

8.30am: Parish

10am: J & C Garrad (25 today!)

11.30am: Priest Int Thanksgiving.

This Sunday Prayer for Human Life and Collection

Tuesday Holy Day of Obligation SS Peter and Paul

The Gospel tells us that Jesus healed people by touching them. He touched people in various ways: with his words, with his hands, with his love. The Eucharist brings us very close to Jesus. We too need his healing touch in our lives. Jesus brings pardon and peace to the sinner, binding up hearts that are broken and leading us to eternal life. The celebration of the Mass is always a celebration of God’s loving mercy. Key to that mercy is Jesus coming into the world to overcome death,

First Reading The world is basically good. By the first century before Christ belief in some form of life after death had become accepted. Human are created to be immortal. They are created in God’s image. Sin leads to death, morally and spiritually. The full misery of death will be experienced by those who chose evil. This reading helps us understand the raising of the daughter of Jairus in Mark.

Second Reading The community of Christians have enjoyed the generosity of Jesus and they should reflect this in the generosity shown to others. This is a tough challenge for us all. We have so much and we are to ask ourselves if we are willing to support others in need. It’s so easy to hide behind piety and think we are doing OK spiritually. If we wish to grow spiritually we should ask whether giving alms would help. Think about this painful question

The Gospel Two miracles for the price of one. The first is about physical healing (sickness) the second is about resurrection, freedom for the old enemy (death). The woman has been ill for 12 years. The little girl is only 12 years old. .I think both miracles (one is half way through the narrative of the other) show us the humanity of Jesus. He recognises the woman’s faith and after the healing goes up to her and talks to her, giving her back her human dignity and, really, befriending her. She is not just another person in the crown gathered around Jesus. Her life has now changed, her illness disappeared and she now finds new life by being called a “daughter” of God. He made her day and her life.. The little girl is raised from the dead. The crown was somewhat hostile to the idea of faith. Jesus doesn’t engage with them about faith or the Kingdom or the meaning of life or miracles. He just says “Give her something to eat”. This is a marvellous touch to the raising of the Child.. he says she is not dead, she is asleep. May be, the world is not dead but asleep. ???? Are we gong to wake up to the reality of God’s existence ? Remember - the name Jairus means to “wake up”. Wake up, spread joy.

Mass Times Please refer to Parish Newsletter for all Mass times. They could vary ! Sacrament of Reconciliation available on the Sanctuary after the Rumanian Mass at about 6.15 Saturday evenings and then again after Mass.

Mass Books are available Year B part 2. I am inviting you to take a copy and make a donation if you are able to afford it. Suggested donation to be placed in normal offertory basket £4. If you can’t afford it just take one and be sure to use it each week!

Reflection Each of us has the capacity to heal. A kind word can heal a wounded spirit; a kind deed can heal a wounded heart. But sometimes there is nothing we can do for the sufferer, and nothing we can say either. In that case our only ministry is that of simple presence, like that of Mary at the foot of the cross. Yet, just by being there, by standing alongside, we save the sufferer from feeling abandoned, and offer something very precious, namely, human comfort.

Day of Prayer for Human Life. This is the day in the church’s life dedicated to celebrating the sacredness of human life. The proceeds from the Day for Life Collection provide core funding for the Anscombe Bioethics Centre and to assist other life related activities supported by the church, usually by means of grants made to support Catholic charities working in the particular field determined by the theme of the year.

Final Blessing May the Lord bless you with a faith that never falter. May he inspire you to lead others to Christ by the way you lead your life. May the Eucharist bring you healing and lead you to eternal joy.

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