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Parish newsletter, 25th March 2023


6.15pm: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: The Sick

Sunday 6th Sunday of Lent PMB 170 830pm: Jim & Trina Reynolds Rec Dec

10 am: Union of Catholic Mothers

11.30am: Shirley Farino RIP




10am: Terry Carruth (welfare)


10am: Barney O'Donnell RIP


10am: Vera Richardson RIP


Stations of the Cross after Mass 10am: Irma Jacqueline Madden RIP


6.15pm Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: Eileen McKenna Rec Dec

Sunday PMB 176

8.30am: Margaret White (welfare)

10.00 am: Michael Fitzpatrick Rec Dec

11.30 am: The Parish

Appeal - Empowering Vulnerable Children in Uganda.

Judy will be speaking to us and there is a collection as we leave the Church.

In today's gospel we see the familiar scene of somebody weeping over the death of a loved one. May we never forget that we are pilgrims on earth and that our main homeland is in heaven. May God, who has called us to eternal glory in Christ, strengthen and support us with his grace. May we walk before the Lord with blameless hearts.

First Reading It's about resurrection and new life this week. The Jews are returning from exile to their own promised land. Their old bones will be raised up. They will be re-clothed in real flesh! Grisly stuff!

Second Reading

Paul's most powerful message of Christian hope. There will be a complete renewal of life at the resurrection. The spirit that raised Jesus will raise us as Well. Yippee I if there's no resurrection then we're out of a job.

The Gospel The purpose is to elicit faith in Jesus and the resurrection. Many lews come to believe in Jesus because he saved Lazarus. Martha is a model of faith. We are all told that we must come out of whatever cave we have the misfortune to be in - sin, basically, in one form or another. The Gospel is saying, "Get a Life

Eucharistic Ministers and Ministers of the Word I am happy to say that we are in the process of inviting new members of our parish to help in these most important roles. Not job for life!

First Sacraments Meeting Church Saturday April 1st at 5pm - 6.15. All children to attend. First Communion 1st July

Sacrament of Marriage Preparation. We have finished talks on the Catholic faith. We pray for the seven couples in our parish being married this year. I hope the back to basics talks have helped in spiritual preparation.

Reflection We are born to die so that we may live more fully. Every time we pass from ne stage of life to another, something in us dies and something new is bom. We taste death in moments of loneliness, rejection, sorrow, disappointment and failure. We are dying before our time when we live in bitterness, hatred, and in isolation. Each day we are creating our own death by the way we live. For those with faith, death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the light because the dawn has come.

Baptism Preparation after Easter as and when required.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags for those on the front line. Walking sticks, walking aids, crutches, wheelchairs, water purifying tablets, water jugs with purifying cartridges, medicines, sanitary items and computers, nappies and baby food. For the next HGV van, as well as all the above, we have been asked specifically for FOOTBALLS, trainers, boots, tracksuits and other sporty items. Children are really into their football but they need the basics. Men's trainers are always needed. School supplies are also needed. Anyone have a standing white board? There has also been a special request for VICK.

Russia is not collecting the bodles of their dead soldiers. Vick can alleviate the smell of decay for those who are surrounded by the bodles. At present the weather is helping as it is still very cold but it will get warmer soon and the situation will therefore change.

Lifts to Church. If you are able to help or need help in getting to Mass, contact Kevin Singleton 07715758862. The car park is for parishioners who have mobility problems so if you wish park there. Drive carefully.

The door at the back of the church, next to the repository. is unsafe. I have been asking the diocese Health and Salety for help - they told me about the hazard- but no luck so far I am personally liable for accidents. We pay £140 per month for health and safety "advice"

Purley Food Hub - thank you for your donations. Honey/jam, peanut butter, fish/meat paste, breakfast cereals 500g, packets of dried potato, savoury biscuits, children's desserts - jellies/puddings, Angel Delight, custard requiring only water, rice pudding, unisex deodorant and toilet rolls.

Covid has not gone away. Many people in the area, including some parishioners, are infected. I would ask Eucharistic Ministers to wear masks when distributing Holy Communion. We have a duty of care to each other.

The Big Lent Walk - Will you join us on Sunday 26th March after 10am Mass to walk around our local park to raise money for CAFOD and for those in most need due 10 climate change. We are meeting in the hall after Mass for a coffee and then walk 6 times around the park and return to the hall for coffee and a chat. If you are unable to join us you can donate on Thank you.

Justice and Peace Group

Getting Married? If you are planning to get married, please come and see Fr Martin before booking a venue and setting a date and time. This will avoid any disappointment in case your chosen day and time have already been booked by another couple. Don't do book let without consultation.

Funerals If a loved one has died please contact Ft Martin as soon as possible for any assistance he can give regarding the funeral and the order of service. Best not to organise liturgy until we have had a word together.

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