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Parish newsletter, 24 October 2021

St Gertrude’s Church, South Croydon 46 Purley Road South Croydon CR2 6EY Te!, 020 8688 5002 Parish Priest : Fr Martin McCarthy

Saturday PMB page 149 5.34: Sacrament of Reconciliation 6.30pm: Mary Sullivan RIP Sunday 8.30am: Rosemary Bourke RIP 10am: The Evangelisation of the World 11.30am: Archbishops Luigi and Abraham RIP Monday NO MASS Tuesday 10am: May O’Rafferty RIP Wednesday 10am: Sir David Amess Rec Dec Thursday SS Simon and Jude Apostles

10am Helen Lavin welfare Friday 10am: May O'Rafferty RIP Saturday 6 30pm ‘Arthur and Lyndsey weifare Sunday All Saints Day 8.30am: Parish 10am: LL welfare 11.30am: Peter Bagatti 2.30pm : Mass ( Malankara Rite) Mission Sunday Collection today.

People who associate religion with sanctimonious self-righteousness need to take on board the case of the late Sir David Amess, who was the very opposite. The many tnbutes paid to him since he was stabbed to death doing his constituency duties last Friday all refer to his warmth and kindliness - even to an air of innocent mischief - that the more perceptive observers have linked to a deep Cathollic faith. He epitomized the truth that it is impossible to hate the people you pray for. His life was an essay in what Christian joy really looks like: the pleasure of being alive, the enjoyment of the company of others and the satisfaction of doing good works from The Tablet.

CAFOD Thank you very much for generous donations to Cafod Harvest Family Fast Day which amounts to an excellent £1,547.00. This money has been sent to Cafod with 29 completed Gift Aid envelopes which will increase this donation. The communities Cafod work with are already facing unprecedented hardship because of the impact of climate change as harvests fail, forests burn and lands flood millions of vulnerable people are struggling to survive. Many thanks to all for your generosity.

Bereavement Mass We will be holding our Annual Bereavement Mass on Friday Sth November 23021 at 7.30pm, remembering our friends and families who have died, especially those thal have recently died in the Covid pandemic. There will be an opportunity to light a candle and put their names on a remembrance tree which will be kept in the Church during November. All welcome to this special Mass.

Communion The Church is Catholic because she is sent to all in order to gather the entire human family from every nation and culture, under the Lordshipof Christ and in the unity of the Spirit. (1) What are the ways in which your parish most successively brings people together ? (2) In which areas of parish life (liturgical, charitable, social etc ) does your parish feel and act as one ? (3) In which areas of parish life (liturgical, charitable, social etc ) are you able to discern the presence and movement of the Holy Spirit 7 (4) How is the Holy Eucharist the main focal point for your parish ?

(5) Is the parish the sole locus for Communion in your area ?

(6) Christ is present as the head united to his body (Ephesians 1.22-23) in our parishes and communities. How is this reflected in your parish community and life ? Are there other reasons that you gather together ? (7) In what ways can you help to build up communion effectively and authentically in the coming months and years ? (8) How do you relate to members of the church who have drifted away from practice ? (9) How does your parish relate to other practices and the diocese as a whole ?

If any parishioner (s) would like to answer any of the above questions please do so and send answers as soon as possible to me for onward transmission to the diocese

Register with St Gertrude's I am very grateful to Parish Suppon for their generous and continuing help. If you have not filled in the registration form you will find one in the narthex.

November Masses. Traditionally. we pray especially for the dead during November. November is the month of the Holy Souls There are envelopes at the back of the Church so that you may include names of your loved ones to be remembered at Masses during November. “Have pity on me, at least you my friends, for the hand of the Lord has touched me”.

First Sacraments talks for parents continue in church 5pm October 30th. All are welcome - parents with children in year 4 or year 3. And anybody else who wants to come along. If you have just submitted an application for a Place in a Catholic secondary school and are thinking about how best to support your child as he/she grows In the faith then you would be very welcome. If you are an adult and thinking about receiving the sacrament of confirmation this could be a help. The sessions will normally be around 45 minutes.

World Mission Day collection to support churches, missions, schools, hospitals and vocations in poorer countries, working though local bishops, churches and missionary congregations to ensure that resources are distributed equitably and justly. Money goes directly from England to bishops in missionary territories

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