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Parish newsletter, 23rd April 2023


6;30pm Mary Beunchy RIP

Sunday PMB 258

8.30pm: Dr Maureen Bruce Murray Rec Dec

10 am: Hilda Colaco RIP

11 30am: Zara Lobo (int)


12 noon Christine O'Neil REQUIEM MASS


10am; Florence Tully REQUIEM MASS


10am: Lizzie De Souza RIP


10am: Norah and Michael O'Sullivan RIP


10.30am: Michael Fitzpatrick REQUIEM MASS

Saturday, PMB 262

6.30pm: McCarthy Family Dec Rel


8.30am: McNamara Family Dec Rel

10.00 am: Matthew Davis Rec Dec

11.30 am: Deceased Clergy

The Road to Emmaus The Story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus is one of the loveliest and most compelling in the whole of the new Testament. Jesus the Risen Lord joins them on the road and explains the scriptures to them and ten reveals himself to them at the breaking of the bread.

The risen Lord journeys with us too. Further, we have the same means of identifving with him and recognising him - the liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist - essentially what we do when we come to mass each week.

Enunaus All of have some experience of the Road to Emmaus.

That road represents the road to disappointment, failure, sorrow and broken dreams.

But the Risen Lord journeys with us. His resurrection opens all our stories to the prospect, not just of a good ending but a glorious ending.

Stay with us Lord, and let your presence inflame our hearts and raise up our spirits, so that we may journey towards your kingdom with undimmed hope.

First Reading Preaching to the Jews assembled for the Pentecost Peter interprets the Jewish scriptures in the light of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The crucifixion of Jesus was not a tragic accident of fate. It came into eternal plan of God for our salvation.

The centrality of the resurrection of Jesus cannot be overstated.

The crucifixion and death of Jesus stands as a prelude to God the Father Almighty raising him up from the dead. Where he has gone we are invited to follow. This is what our life activity should be all about !

Second Reading Again about the centrality of the resurrection.

Our redemption cost nothing less than the total self-sacrificial love of Jesus - his life, death and resurrection. We are destined to share in the glory of God. We are called to holiness of life.

The Gospel A stranger was travelling on the same road and joined the two disappointed young men. Before they knew it he had started to share with them a grand tour of the scriptures. They then released who he was and recognised him at the breaking of the bread. They urged the Risen Lord to stay with them. The next day, full of enthusiasm, they went back to Jerusalem to give to their companions and account of what happened. They became missionaries.

The Feast of Easter! Rebirth after death. Christ is risen, having given his life for the world, for each of us.

Jesus sees our doubts, our sins, our despair. He looks on those who are overwhelmed by discase, destroyed by violence, all those who are in the grip of death.

In these days of intense prayer we think of all the martyred peoples who suffer from war, of all those refugees and migrants who lose their lives in the Mediterranean and the English Chanel But in Chris, life takes away death's destructive power. Love overcomes the powers of evil. Hatred and violence will not have

the last word.

God reaches out to build a humanity of love and of puce.

Let us lear to walk in the light of Jesus, on a path of humanity. hoth for ourselves and in our relationships with others.

Let us know how to bear witness to our faich in order to bring joy and peace to our brothers and sisters,

Let us make our own the words of Brother Charles de Foucault:

"to bear witness with all our lives, in the heart of the deserts of the world, to this incomprehensible tenderness of God for every human being, especially those who feel abandoned, excluded. those who are written off'

Let us rediscover the joy of living, happiness, peace of mind.

May love fill our hearts in these days of celebration.

Happy Days Easter is a Feast of Hope. Death up to now had never been beaten. Death had at last been beaten. In him who rose from the dead our hope of resurrection dawned. Lord. for your faithful people life is changed not ended. The sadness of death gives way to the bright promise of immortality.

Loss and Sadness During the course of our lives we experience many losses and disappointments. This brings home to us just how fragile we are and how brittle our dreams. We pray for recently deceased members of the parish : Dr Maureen Bruce Murray.

Christine O'Neil, Michael Fitzpatrick, Matthew Davis.

First Sacraments Meting Church Saturday April 29 at 5pm

Sacrament of Marriage Preparation. We pray for the seven couples in our parish getting married this year.

We remember in

our prayers those who have married recently, James and Karissa, Marinelle and Malcolm.. May God bless them and keep them in the years ahead. In the love of man and wife God shows us wonderful reflection of his own eternal love.

Baptism Preparation next session May 20 9am in Church

Parish Registration Please do take the time to fill in form at the back of church. This is vital for communication,

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags for those on the front line. Walking sticks, walking aids, crutches, wheelchairs, hygiene items, nappies, baby food, bedding, towels and vick.

Lifts to Church. contact Kevin Singleton 07715758862

Bad News heavy rain has caused roof damage - yet again!

The door back of the church, Pray for the door and my patience Purley Food Hub - peanut butter, long life whole milk, pasta, dried potato, pasta sauce, dessert fruit, hot chocolate (water) toilet rolls, unisex shampoo and deodorant.

AMEN Whenever we say "AMEN" at the end of prayer we are speaking an ancient Hebrew word from the Old Testament that was used in the synagogue, and the in churches, meaning literally. yes I agree God is reliable so sign me on. It's not just a polite way of signing off because prayer time has ended and it's time to go home! When we say amen at the end of the Lord's Prayer we are saying "yes" to the Fatherhood of God so count me in! We are agreeing with God's people all over the world that his kingdom would come and his will be done. As Paul says, when we say AMEN we are saying yes to the glory of God. I wonder how many times over the ages the people of God have said Amen - and to think that all these countless billions of prayers have been listened to and answered AMEN

Health and Safety in the autumn we had to spend £18.000 on making the electrics safe in our church. We had a terrible candle fire a few years ago. Less than a year ago a young woman's coat hood caught fire when she was lighting a candle. Recently, a young alter server was burnt in the parish of Addiscombe. It made the local news. We are looking at a new system for candles in our church - considerably safer. I am ultimately responsible for H &

S. and I'm not going to take any chances. We pay £140 per month and we need to take their advice. Thanks for your understanding Priest Training Fund Next Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday and we need to do more to help the training of future priests on our diocese. Envelopes are available.

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