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Parish newsletter, 22nd January 2023


6.15 pm: Confessions

6.30pm: Dec'd members of Considine Family

Sunday Second Sunday PMB 127

8.30pm: Dec'd members of Hamilton Family

10 am: Bernard Robinson

11.30am: Philip Borg Rec Dec


No Mass

Tuesday St Francis de Sales

10am: Kathleen Tarn Rec Dec

Wednesday Conversion of St Paul

9am Dec'd Parishioners (Ellis)

Thursday Ss Timothy & Titus

10am: Requiem Mass for Joan Gibson RIP

Friday St Angela Merici

10am: Mary McKinney Int.


6.15pm Confessions

6.30pm: Thomas McNamee RIP


8.30am : Don Garcia Rec Dee'd

10am: Adriana Palacios de Carrion Reed Dec

11.30am: Carmen Ruiz Garcia RIP (anniv)

"Devoting a specific Sunday of the liturgical year to the word of God can enable the Church to experience anew how the risen Lord opens up for us the treasury of his word and enables us to proclaim it unfathomable riches before the world."

Pope Francis, Aperuit illis

First Reading Isaiah knows what's the matter with us and our world. God will come and take away our darkness, offering us joy and gladness in its place.

Christ is the Light of the World.

Second Reading Paul calls us to unity by accepting Jesus Christ. Paul is sent to bring the Good News.

The Gospel. We begin Matthew's gospel. Jesus is the great light referred to by Isaiah. He comes into a violent world calling us to repent. What changes do we need to make in our lives? What about praying - seeking an every closer union with God. A couple of months ago I was having dental treatment in Poland. The dentist said to me more than once "Are you praying?" It's a big challenge, but the chance to discover real healing in our lives.

The Lord waits to be gracious to you (Is 30: 18) This is an excellent definition of prayer. The God we relate to in prayer is above all a God of life, a God who has great gifts to give to us. To meet God is prayer is to discover the life he gives when he forgives, heals, consoles, inspires. Since God is life, then those who truly come into contact with him become more alive to themselves. To others. To his gracious presence. His longing is to be gracious to them. So that this can happen he waits for them to slow down, to let their hard-packed lives in which to be attentive to what he is offering. Martin Drennan. Bishop of Galway.

Please pray for following parishioners, who have died recently -Julie Watson, Adriana Palacios de Carrion, Annette O'Sullivan, Joan Gibson, Robert Brugnoli and Michael O'Neil. May they Rest in Peace.

Marriage Preparation. Those wishing to get married this year need to contact me asap

Talks on the faith for parents. These will be for parents who are hoping that their children will receive First Sacraments. They must be at Mass each week. Parents are the first and best teachers of the faith. Passing on the faith must be a priority.

Bills are high. Please keep Church doors closed except when you're coming through them. Supply Fees last week amounted to £375. There really is no need to have all the lights on in our church on weekdays. Simply come to the front of the Church!

The PFC said we need to spend more money on security. Also, that we could think about giving the outside of the building ie, the presbytery, a coat of paint -, orange, pink, shades of green. Any ideas?

The Liturgy of the Word. We are glad to welcome new readers. No jobs for life. Readers need to spend enough time to familiarise themselves with the Word Of God which they are proclaiming. They need to study the readings. Reading at Mass is an immense privilege and a huge responsibility - not to be taken lightly. A prayerful attitude is absolutely essential.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags, duvets and warm clothing both for people here and those in Ukraine. The hall is big enough for everybody. We can still have meeting there and of course coffee after Sunday 10am if we have a few volunteers. The problem is that after COVID many parishioners, sadly, have simply not returned to Mass attendance. If you ask me if it's serious to miss Mass then I will respond clearly and say Yes. It is serious. Without Mass we simply cut ourselves off from Almighty God. We die spiritually. We lose that essential encounter with God which alone offers meaning to our lives.

New Year, New Career - Need help preparing your CV for that New Job or help with an interview? Free, Confidential help can be undertaken remotely (Zoom) if need be. Contact Anthony 07941 527328 (eve, w/e)

Beginners Yoga Class St John the Divine's Church Hall on Wednesdays from 11.15-12.15. £5 per session as a block or £6 pay as you go. Sue Nelligan 07721 088487

Arranging funerals and weddings. I am only too pleased to help and advise. Some norms must be followed - choice of readings, music etc and the order to be followed. Catholic services have a beginning middle and end. It's difficult if everything is changed around.

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