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Parish newsletter, 22 May 2021


6.30pm: Harry Yates McCarthy RIP Anniv

The Feast of Pentecost PMB 290

8.30am: Rev Patrick Taggart RIP

10am: Michael Considine RIP

11.30am: SB

Monday NO MASS


10am: John Radford RIP

Wednesday St Philip Neri

10am: Francis RIP (TT)

Thursday Our Lord Jesus Christ Universal High Priest

10am: Priest Int


10am: Holy Souls


6.30pm: George Yeared Rec Dec

Sunday The Most Holy Trinity

8.30am: Parish

10am: RM Int

11.30am: SB

“Come, Holy Spirit!” . Where truth, love, goodness, peace, kindness, wisdom, courage, patience, and many others of his fruits are present, there the spirit is active. In so many different ways, the spirit reminds the world of the Gospel. Let us celebrate Pentecost prayerfully.

Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, let us join with all the baptised in giving glory to the Lord.

Send your Holy Spirit into our minds and our hearts. Let us proclaim before the world that you are Lord and King.

Grant us love that is genuine; give us respect and real affection for one another

Renew the hearts of the faithful by your life giving grace; move them to respond gladly to the gifts of the Spirit.

Grant us the power of your Spirit to repair our damaged lives; may he turn decay into growth

Grant us grace, almighty God, to hold fact in life and conduct to the mystery we have celebrated at Easter.

The apostles waited and prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Gathered together in their company we pray for his coming into our lives.

In Christ you restored the universe which you made; through your spirit renew the face of the earth you breathed into Adam the breath of life; breather your Spirit into the Church, that the world may find life in her.

May your Spirit bring light to our darkness, turn hatred into love, sorrow into joy, and doubt into hope.

Cleanse and refresh us in the waters of the Spirit; where there is anguish and sin bring healing and rebirth

Dear Mission (APF) Box Holders,

In 2020 St Gertrude’s raised £482.29 substantially down on what you raised on 2019 £851.69. This is understandable because we have felt unable to collect your boxes. We hope later on this year to collect your boxes and empty them. However, you can empty your own box and follow one of the payment methods below:

Send a cheque made payable to Missio-Mill Hill, Red Box, 23 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1NU. Give online Give via Text Text REDBOX5 (to donate £5) or REDBOX 10 TO DONATE £10 TO 70085 By phone Call us on 020 7821 9755 during office ours to donate with credit or debit card. Bank transfer Account Name: Missio Sort Code: 16-00-16 Account Number 10824230. Please pray to continue to pray for our sisters and brothers overseas and all missionaries who share God’s Love – they tell us the love they receive from us keeps them going. MISSIO today, tomorrow , together. Peter and Nita Kelley

Baptism Preparation Please let me know if you re hoping to have a child baptised as we need to arrange a course of preparation. If all goes well, baptisms will be celebrated not earlier than July. Normally we would meet around the Baptism font on Saturday mornings at 9am for some serious input on the meaning of baptism and why it’s so fundamental.

“Praying to enlarge our capacity to receive the gifts that God wants to give us”.

“Gaudium Propagationem” Spread joy. Our parish motto ?

Housekeeping Job. Father Malachy of Holy Family parish in Sanderstead, is hoping to find someone to help him with some light housekeeping work. Days, hours and salary are negotiable. If you are interested, please contact Father Malachy on his mobile phone 07801 701763

I have never seen the face of God. No angel ever came to me. I have never witnessed a miracle, a bling man see, a bent woman stand straight and tall, a dead girl sit up and cry “I am hungry” or 5000 people fed by two fish and five loaves of bread. But I have tasted strawberries. I have smelled bread baking and I drank cool water and rich red wine. I have been lifted up by a robin’s chirp, and been humbled by the stars and ocean. I have planted seeds, pulled weeds, washed clothes, typed letters, waited in line, asked questions, given my opinion, picketed. I have attended meetings, red great books, sung in church, played cards, talked to squirrels, made repairs, danced the polka. I have cradled a newborn in my arms and kept vigil with the dying. I have fallen exhausted into my bed at night and risen again in the morning. I have said “I am sorry… I forgive … Thank you … I don’t know. I have held someone in love, and have been held by someone who loves me. I have won and lost, known sickness and health, ecstasy and dread. And through it all, God is the one who is always present. God as companion, stranger, hunger, friend. God as lover, intruder, foe. God as answer and as question, blinding light and dark abyss. God. Come, Holy Spirit, fill us with your love.

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