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Parish newsletter, 2 October 2022


6.30: Stephen & Kathleen Hegarty int

Sunday PMB 146

8 30pm: Parish

10am: For PP and mum

11.30am: McCrea Family

Monday No Mass

Tuesday St Francis of Assisi

10am: Priest Int

Wednesday St Faustina Kowalska

10am: Christopher John Hewlett

Thursday St Bruno

10am: Fr Roy Bennett (Rec Dec)

Friday Our Lady of the Rosary

10am: Peace

Saturday PMB 149

6.30: Stephen & Kathleen Hegarty int


8.30am: Parish

10am: UCM

11.30am: Ken McNamara RIP

We are called to be servants, servants of God and of one another. We don't find it easy, as with life generally. Only faith "enables" us.

The disciples realise that they need more faith to carry out the mission assigned to them. Jesus responds. It is not great faith you need; it is faith in a great God.

Faith is like a window through which you can see something. What matters is not whether the window is six inches or six feet high; what matters is the God which your faith is looking out on. If it's the creator God, the God active in Jesus and the Spirit, then the tiniest little peep-hole of a window will give you access to power like you never dreamed of. Of course, this cannot be used for your own whim or pleasure; as soon as you tried it would show that you'd forgotten once more who this God really was. Humility once again.

We need to recall that all we do, even our hard work, never for a moment puts God in our debt. How often do we hear it said (and how many more times it is thought) I've done all this, I've given all that money, I've worked so hard - surely God will be satisfied with all that. The answer is that all genuine service to God is done from gratitude, not to earn anything at all.

Saying "we're not worth anything at all" doesn't mean that we lack a proper sense of self-worth and self-love. It just means that we must constantly remind ourselves of a great truth: we can never put God in our debt.

Outstanding Life of Service Faith, humility and service are at the heart of today's Gospel. The late Queen's example of all three is worthy of note. Prayer Lord grant us a strong and courageous faith, a faith that burns brightly even in times of darkness, a faith that doesn't falter even when there are no miracles or happy endings, a Good Friday that trusts in the dawn of Easter, a faith that is rooted in your love for us and that expresses itself in love for others.

Baptism Preparation I am hoping to run a Baptism Preparation course in November, Saturdays, 9am in Church. Parents should at least think about attending Mass regularly. If not, then the sacrament is pretty meaningless. By having a child baptised parents are in effect saying "we want our child to know God through the Catholic Church". To be Catholic means inter alia regular attendance at the Eucharist, the source and summit of Christian life. There needs to be "well-founded hope" that the child will be brought up in the faith.

Ukraine food, school equipment for youngsters together with warm clothing, walking aids, crutches and nappies. Sleeping bags. over here - women's raincoats tall and larger sizes, shoes and for Ukraine also required blankets sleeping bags, track suit bottoms undies.

Church Cleaning. Denise Miller on 02086514113.

CAFOD Family Fast Day - World Food Crisis Appeal In Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan up to 20 million people are facing the devastating impact of the worst drought in over 40 years. Cafod has said we need more support to bring water and food to these communities. We need to feed these hungry people and quench their thirst: we need resources to reach out to these communities to save their lives.

With your help and the solidarity of our parish, we can reach out in love and help prevent the crisis from getting worse. We will be giving out envelopes weekend 2nd/ 3rd October and collecting donations the following weekend, and a donation box will be in the narthex for a month after this.

Please give today or start a monthly gift to CAFOD.

Use the envelope for our parish collection or go to

CAFOD Family Fast Day - World Food Crisis Appeal

As people of faith we must act. Your donations can help CAFOD's local experts to provide emergency food supplies to families in the worst affected countries in East Africa and support communities around the world working hard to put food on the table. Please give today or start a monthly gift to CAFOD. Use the envelope for our parish collection or to

Gardening Group- we're clearing the area at the back of the hall, for the use of parishioners. 'Many hands make light work' - next meetings are 15th,29th October. Help?please contact Peter Elfer 07955196539 or Denise Miller 07747691826.

Hardcore is freely available - help yourself!

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