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Parish newsletter, 19 June 2021


6.30pm: Paul Andrew Hewlett RIP

Sunday Twelve B PMB 98

8.30am: Anne Sheila Mitchell RIP

10am: Union of Catholic Mothiers

11.30am Mary Sweeney RIP

Monday NO MASS

Tuesday NO MASS

Wednesday 10am: Monteiro Int

Thursday 10am: Aidan Power RIP

Friday 10am: James Welch RIP

Saturday 6.30pm John Condon Rec Dec

Sunday Thirteen B

8.30am Parish

10am: Jurek Strymowicz Rec Dec

11.30am: Intentions Mulroy Family

This Sunday Prayer for Human Life and Collection

When the Apostles got caught in a storm they turned to Jesus for help and they found it! From time to time we get caught in the storms of life of one kind or another What are we going to do?

When Bad Things Happen to Good People. Job is a good guy and has everything he could ever have wanted. He has healthy sons and daughters 10 of them 7000 sheep 3000 oxen 3000 camels 500 pairs of oxen. He is so righteous that he even offers sacrifice for the sins of his sons. But then through no fault of his own, things begin to change. He has a really bad day and receives bad news of four occasions:

He finds out that bandits took his oxen and donkeys and killed the servants watching over them. He discovers that his sheep and some servants were burnt in a fire. He receives news that during the night all his camels are taken and his servants murdered. He is horrified to learn that all ten of his children are dead after a house collapses on top of them.

He is understandably distraught, tears his robe, shaves his head, and falls to the ground. Then his friends do not help him. Job's wife who cannot understand his patience in accepting his misery encourages him to curse God and die. But Job will have none of it from her and maintains his belief and trust in God "Shall we accept good from God's hands, and not evil ?" Job receives a response from God. God is in control and he goes along with that. This in a way is the story of every person- just having to accept through faith and trust and love. Job comes to understand that his human brain is no match for God's wisdom. God says "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the a earth. Tell me if you have understanding, He concedes and says to God after questions Truly I spoke about things I don't understand, things too marvellous for me to comprehend." In the light of Job's sort of repentance God restores his good fortunes.

The Gospel comes to our aid. The apostles are caught in a storm and believe that their death is imminent. They have lost control. We lose control when serious illness strikes, or bereavement or relationship problems arrive at our doorstep. To find ourselves in such a situation is both humbling and terrifying. But it is precisely in times like these that we discover whether we have faith. Our first reaction is to think that God has abandoned us and no longer cares for us. We think he is asleep. It really is time for prayer. One of the shortest prayers ever written was hy a French sailor. It goes like this "Lord, my boat is small and the ocean is great" This is a great prayer What makes it great is not what it says but what it implies. The sailer is aware of his limitations. He recognises the greatness of the task ahead of him the ocean is great. He knew he needed God's help and asked for it humbly and in a spirit of trust

Mass Times Please refer to Parish Newsletter for all Mass times. They could vary! Sacrament of Reconciliation available on the Sanctuary after the Rumanian Mass at about 6.15 Saturday evenings and then again after Mass.

Mass Books are available Year B part 2. 1 am inviting you to take a copy and make a donation if you are able to afford it Suggested donation to be placed in normal offertory basket £4. If you can't afford it just take one and be sure to use it each week!

Reflection My faith is tested many times a day and more times than I would like to confess I'm unable to keep the banner of faith aloft If a promise is not kept, or if a secret is betrayed, or if 1 experience long-lasting pain, I begin to doubt God and God's love. I fall into the chasm of disbelief and I cry out in despair. But then the spirit lifts me up again, and once more I am secured in faith. I don't know how that happens, save when I cry out earnestly, I am answered immediately and I am returned to faithfulness. I am once again filled with the spirit and firmly planted on solid ground.

Day of Prayer for Human Life. This is the day in the church's life dedicated to celebrating the sacredness of human life. The proceeds from the Day for Life Collection provide core funding for the Anscombe Bioethics Centre and to assist other life related activities supported by the church, usually by means of grants made to support Catholic charities working in the particular field determined by the theme of the year

Final Blessing May the Lord be with you to protect you. May the Lord go before you in lead you and follow you to give you strength. May the Lord watch over you, keep you in his care and bless you with his peace

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