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Parish newsletter, 19 February 2022

Saturday PMB Page 141

5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30 pm: Ann O'Donnell and Louse Taylor RIP

Sunday 7th Sunday of the Year

8.30am: Anne Sheila Mitchell RIP

10am: Tim and Grace RIP

11.30am: Peter Gillett RIP


No Mass

Tuesday Chair of St Peter

10am: James Kavanagh RIP

Wednesday St Polycarp

10am: Ivy D'Souza RIP


10am: Maura Kennedy welfare

Friday St Ethelbert

10am: Kathleen & Stephen Hearty wellbeing

Saturday PMB Page 144

5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: Inocencia Fernandes RIP


8.30am: Parish

10am: Agnes Atandare RIP

11.30am: David Jeffries Rec Dec.

The Obligations of Mutual Charity. Jesus says to his disciples. Be compassionate - do not judge - do not condemn. Not easy words to put into practice. Let us be strengthened during this Mass reminding ourselves and each other that Lord is slow to anger and rich in mercy. He does not condemn us according to our faults. He forgives us our sins.

First Reading. Everybody loved David because of his success on the battlefield. Saul got jealous, seeing him as a threat and wanted him dead. It was David who had the opportunity to kill Saul but he refused because he saw him as king of Israel a sacred person. Goes well with the Gospel!

Second Reading To Adam we owe the life of earth. To Christ we owe the life of heaven. We will be raised bodily but our resurrection body will be very different from the one

we know now!

The Gospel It's easy to love those you like. This is natural. The teaching of Jesus is radical - we are to love all people whether we like them or not!

Cafod wrote Thank you to all parishioners at St Gertrude for your generous support for CAFOD this year and for your latest donation of €1937.62. Your generosity means that the local partner organisations and sister agencies we work with in Afghanistan can reach communities most in need especially women and children. Your donation will provide food, clean water and fuel. Please keep the people of Afghanistan in your thoughts and prayers. (we have received an additional donation of €100 which will be sent to Cafod this week).

First Holy Communion and Reconciliation We are in need of helpers for the children who will be prepared in the parish. If you think you can help speak to Fr M.

Purley Food Hub. Need continues for - cartons of longlife whole milk, jars of peanut butter, jars of meat or fish paste, packets of dried potatoes, timed meat meals (not spicy), small bottles of squash, tinned/packet custard, tinned rice pudding, unisex deodorant, small washing up liquid. Your J&P Group

Baptism Preparation course 26 February 9am in Church.

First Sacraments preparation for children in Regina Coeli begins after school on Wednesday 2nd March. This is for children who come to mass each week.

Confirmation 7th June at 7pm. Those now in 2nd year at secondary school may apply by way of a short letter explaining why they think they are ready for this important stage in their spiritual and life journey. Time to think about God in a serious way. Parents should be involved. They are the first and best teachers in the ways of faith. Each family

needs to decide where priorities lie. There will be a re-boot course for those who would have been confirmed two years ago.

Confirmation Meetings for all parents. Saturday 5 March in the church at 5pm. Then 12 March and 19 March. This is intended to help parents to help their young. We will look at the sacrament - sometimes called the sacrament of exit - and see if we can help our young in their journeying. It is for the parents of those who in normal circumstances would have been confirmed in 2020, as well as parents who are hoping that their children will start preparation soon (See above).

A retreat for Lent. Make some space to develop your relationship with God this Lent. Sign up for our Diocesan ‘retreat at home' called Saving Grace. Every week you will receive an email with links to a 25 minute video in which our Archbishop John will introduce the theme and the reading. Chris Chapman will deliver the retreat, with others contributing. You will also receive materials to use in your own prayer and reflection. All you have to do is sign up and them set aside what space you can for Saving Grace! You can sign up to receive the materials directly here: hutp:/

Lighting candles? (Good little earners) Please be careful. Fire danger.

Distribution of Holy Communion Present arrangements will continue for the time being. The situation is being reviewed. We have an obligation to protect those who are clinically extremely vulnerable.

Going into Hospital and would like a priest to visit or would like to receive the sacraments? Speak to staff or parish priest.

Clergy Support Fund This important Diocesan fund ensures a dignified retirement for priests, after they have dedicated a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus, His Church and His People. There will be a second collection on 26&27/2/22. Second collection envelopes will be available on 19& 20/2/22 and 26& 27/2/22.

Eucharistic Devotion It is hoped that Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will be re-introduced during Lent. Not sure yet about days/ times etc

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