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Parish newsletter, 19 December 2021

Saturday PMO Page 90

5.45pm: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: Healy family

Sunday Fourth of Advent

8.30am: Maura Kennedy (welfare)

10am: Patrick Flynn

11.30am: Freda Jordan RIP


No Mass


10am: Catherine Payne RIP


10am: David Donovan RIP


10am: Philomena Cushin & Family

Friday Christmas Eve

PMB 94

4.30pm: Helen Strange RIP

6.30pm: Katie & Derek Townsend

9.00pm: Joan Byrne (welfare)

Saturday Christmas Day PMB 97

8.30am: Debbie Bennett RIP

10.00am: Chris & Patrick Curtin (welfare)

11.30am: J and F McEvoy RIP

Sunday Holy Family PMB 105

8.30am: Parish

10am: Mary Flynn

11.30am: Cledwyn Lobo RIP

The Syndod (Rome 2023)

Please think seriously if you think you can make a contribution. The questions are on

Communion, Participation and Mission and fresh copies are now available at the back of church. The three sets of question will be on different colours of paper. The real purpose of the Synod is to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the people of the world. We all know what a state the world is in and we know, furthermore, that only God can ultimately lead us to our true home. May our efforts help in this task. Through our baptism we are commissioned to go out and bear fruit. All part of our vocation to serve.

First Reading From the Prophet Micah. When Micah was writing Jerusalem was under siege and David's dynasty was about to collapse. But Micah proclaims joyfully that salvation will come from an insignificant place - Bethlehem. From there a new leader would come to gather together the scattered exiles and unite the nations once more.

Second Reading Jesus did not come to offer the sacrifices the old law, but to carry out the will of Almighty God. His sacrifice was essentially one of obedience - accepting death on a cross. His one perfect sacrifice was able to do what the sacrifices of the Mosaic law were unable to do. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross lead to reconciliation between God and

his people.

The Gospel Mary makes her way to her cousin in haste - a haste inspired by friendship and love but yet more because she recognises that God really is a work in the lives of these

two women representing the faithful of Israel. At Mary's greeting Elizabeth feels the stirring of the baby in her womb. Enlightened by the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth recognises the blessedness of Mary and realises that she is to bring into the world.

The Cathollc Thing What is the Catholicism, among all of the ideologies, and religions of the world with John Henry Newman who said that the great principle of Catholicism is the Incarnation, the enfleshment of God. What do I mean by this? I mean, the Word of God

which the whole universe came to be sequestered in heaven but rather entered into ordinary world of bodies, this grubby arena of history, this compromised and tear-stained human condition of a Word become flesh and lived among us" (John 1:14) that is the Catholic thing. Bishop Robert Barron.

God Became a Baby The central claim of Christian - still startling after two thousand years- is that God became human. The Creator of the cosmos, who transcends any definition or concept, took to himself a nature like ours by becoming one of us. Christianity asserts that the infinite and the finite that the eternal and the temporal embraced, that the

fashioner of the galaxies and planets became a baby too weak

even to raise his head. Bishop Robert Barron

CAFOD is combining efforts with the DEC to launch the Afghanistan Crisis Appeal. In Afghanistan, 8 million people are on the brink of famine because of drought collapsing economy, food shortages, conflict and COVID. CAFOD is supporting sister Caritas agencies to reach communities most in need with food, clean water, and fuel. During Advent when we open ourselves to the needs of others, let's do all that we can to save lives. You can donale on the CAFOD website: and please pray for the people of Afghanistan.

Ukraine Collection We will be collecting for poverty- stricken people in the Ukraine on Saturday 15th January 2022 in St Gertrude's Church Hall from 8.30am to 1.15pm. Clothes, bedding, toys and small kitchen utensils would be most welcome. Donations towards the cost of transporting these goods would be a great help, as diesel is expensive. More info after Christmas. Justice and Peace group

Reflection As Christmas approaches, our hopes rise. But we must take care that the substance of our hopes is not dictated by what the merchants promise. Those who pin their hopes on what the merchants promises will be disappointed. not because they promise too little but because they promise too much - of the wrong thing. What our hearts long for is a taste of the great joy the angels announced to the shepherds. "Today, a saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.

Safeguarding. The parish safeguarding representative is NIKKI BUAMAH. It is her responsibility for promoting good and safe practices in all activities involving children, young people and adults at risk. She can be contacted on 07057 345 154 or by email croonsouthsg1c@safeguardrenoxoreut.

Christmas Offerings the collection taken at Christmas is by tradition a gift to your parish priest. It represent a major part of his salary together with Easter offerings and money given

for Masses, funerals, baptisms, weddings etc, There should be envelopes available at the back of the church. Have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you soon

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