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Parish newsletter, 18 September 2021

St Gertrude’s Church, South Croydon

46 Purley Road

South Croydon CR2 6EY

Tel; 020 8688 5002

Parish Priest : Fr Martin McCarthy


6.30pm: For the Parish. PMB page 135


8.30am: Holy Souls

10am: John McNamee RIP

11.30am: For vocations (Catenians)




10am: Bridget O’Neil


10am: Herbert joseph madden Rip


7.30am: Priest Intention


10am: St Joseph’s Group


6.30pm: Anne O’Reilly RIP


8.30am: Dec’d Parishioners (Ellis)

10am: Anabelle Rayner & Christine Hodgson RIP

11.30am: Winifred Irene Phillips RIP

Home Mission Sunday Collection Today

The Readings are challenging to say the least. How we can so easily be overcome by envy, jealousy and ambition and how bad people do not like good people because the good people make the bad people feel even worse about themselves. Hatred, resentment, violence - the result of wanting and not having and being open to the idea of fighting for what we want. Surely, the only antidote to jealousy and envy is a spirit of thanksgiving. To count our blessings rather than the blessings of those around us. Envy and jealousy eat away at us and tear us apart, with the very real potential for destroying our happiness and wellbeing, causing joylessness and even damaging our health. The gospel is again a prophecy of the death and resurrection of the Son of God. He has banished death for us and we are invited to follow. Now, that’s good news ! Remember how at the beginning of Mark we were told to repent and believe. I suppose God must have been somewhat disappointed when he realised just what an uphill journey he had with his small band of followers. They were all for a Kingdom in this world, freed of the Romans, a new kingdom, wealth and power and prestige, status and ambitions met (we’ve made it !) But JC had a different idea and a different take on reality, involving eternal life and eternal happiness.

First Sacraments I am looking forward to welcoming those parents whose children are due for First Holy Communion. To be eligible your child must presently be in year 4 or over and must reside in this parish and must attend Mass regularly. I appreciate that this has been difficult for obvious reasons but there really is no need to hurry into preparation and it would play on my conscience if we were simply to prepare children who are not familiar with the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Christian life. We are aware that many fail to attend Church after the reception of First Sacraments and I aim to ensure that the best possible preparation be available to help and support parents. There will be talks for parents before the actual programme of preparation commences. We are all aware that the parents are the first and best teachers of their child in the ways of faith. We need all of us to work hard to ensure that our children receive the best possible preparation for First Holy Communion, the importance of which cannot be over emphasised.

Confirmation. I am looking forward to seeing our young people at Mass so that we can proceed with the administration of the Sacrament. It will be necessary for a short refresher course and I am happy to undertake this myself. Again, I would stress that there really is no need to hurry, given what has happened over the last 18 months. It is my hope that those confirmed would be keen to attend Mass and take an active part in the life of the parish. I intend to look a bit more closely at the Sacrament of Baptism (in a way, the key to it all) and of course the Eucharist, the great prayer of thanksgiving - the source and summit of Christian life. To come to Mass is an invitation to a privileged encounter with the Lord, a time to think ever more deeply, to ask questions about which way our life is going, to seek the help of God, to learn to appreciate God’s mercy, to find meaning and purpose in life, to experience true joy and eventually to inherit eternal life. You may think a tall order. Yes, but I believe it is worth it and I will do everything to help our young in regard to the development of their faith. The Mass is of inestimable importance, the great prayer of thanksgiving which alone can ultimately give us life. So many struggle to understand the world and our palace in it. We have the Mass.

St Joseph's Bereavement Mass will be celebrated on this coming Friday 24 September 10am. It is hoped that there will be a Parish Mass in November for all the bereaved

Harvest Festival Collection for CAFOD 3 October. More information next week

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