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Parish newsletter, 18 December 2022


Confessions 5.45 - 6.15pm

6.30pm: Bridie Dwyer RIP

Sunday PMB 90 Fourth of Advent

8.30pm: Parish

10 am: Julie Watson Rec Dec

11.30am: Thibault family


No Mass


10am: Julie Watson Rec Dec


10am: Joan Gibson Rec Dec


10am: David Donovan RIP


10am: Peace in Ukraine


4.30pm: Julie Robertson RIP

6.30pm: Derek and Katie Townsend RIP

8.00pm: Priest Int

Christmas Day

8.30am : Debbie Bennett RIP

10am: Parish

11.30am: Adrien Thibault

CONFESSION Saturday 10-11 and 3-4 Christmas Eve and before and after Masses this coming week.

Don't just spiritually drift into Christmas. Take some definite time out, not a great deal, to really reflect on what Christmas is all about. It's not easy to concentrate the mind on that which is most important.

Life is difficult and very fragile. One heart attack and it's all over. Life is what happens when you are making other plans. If you want to hear God laugh just tell him your plans ( a Woody Allen joke) Here's another Christmas where it can be "here we go again" or it can be something immensely beautiful, very special and very life-giving. It can be an opportunity to be "re-cycled". It's like going through another cycle in the washing-machine of the Lord, and, for some people it could be their final rinse. Please forgive the analogy but vou can't say I'm wrong.

God does not force anything on me. He offers me evervthing. He offers me peace as opposed to inner turmoil and anger and anxiety and an all-pervasive sadness. We can live in misery and die of anger if we so wish. He is constantly reminding me, offering me, calling me, inviting me. This Christmas is another invitation to listen afresh and to respond afresh.

The childhood experience of Christmas is vivid in our memories and perhaps we long to recreate that joyful excitement and feeling of expectation. The message is yes - it can be done. "Don't be afraid" the Angel said to Joseph. Great joy is promised. The Lord is with you. This sense of joy should be widespread - encompassing the whole of our lives. The reason?

Salvation is a real possibility. We are invited to pursue a life free from sin in which we rejoice because death has been defeated. We don't arrange our first visit to the church - as tiny babes in arms - nor do we arrange our final visit to the church - in a wooden (or wicker if we're hard up) coffin!

Talks on the faith for parents. These will be for parents who are hoping that their children will receive First Sacraments. They must be at Mass each week. I find that some parents find this difficult to accept. Parents are the first and best teachers of the faith. Passing on the faith must be a priority.

Heating bills are high. Church doors closed during the extreme cold save money. Only please use the centre doors. Keep warm. Cheers!

Electricity bills have increased monthly from £191 to €385. The church will be fully lit at Sunday Mass. No need to light the whole church weekdays. Thank you for your understanding. We have just spent about £18.000 on electrics in church. The security lights in the carpark have now been fixed Another £353.40

Baptism Preparation next course in January. Let me know if you intend coming

New Mass Books available. If you want your own copy to take home then they are £5. I am grateful to those who have been readers and I am glad to welcome new parishioners. No jobs for life. I want a turn! Readers need to spend, I suggest, at least 30 minutes studying the readings. Reading at Mass is an immense privilege and a huge responsibility. Readers must come to Mass each and every week. No excuses.

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags, duvets and warm clothing both for people here and those in Ukraine. Another van departing soon. Please help.

Amnesty International - Write for Rights. Your messages can bring love and comfort to those suffering abuses, assuring them that they are not alone in their search for justice. Send a card.

Purley Food Hub squash, sugar, long grain rice, peas, carrots, potatoes, rice pudding, long life milk. sweet biscuit, shampoo and washing powder

Ukraine Children are starving. Some Ukrainians here are enduring, terrible conditions. Thornton Heath, for example. Fungus, cold, damp etc

Christmas Offerings Envelopes available. my main source of income. My payday. "Coolest" and warmest church in town

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