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Parish newsletter, 15 May 2021


6.30pm: Brian Oldfield RIP

Seventh Sunday of Easter PMB 277

8.30am: Anastasia and Urbano Wedding Anniv

10am: Bridie Coughlan RIP

11.30am : Joseph Carty RIP






10am : Noreen and Michael Healy RIP


10am: Mary Wettern RIP


10am: Dr Ann Smith


6.30pm: Priest Int

Sunday of Pentecost

8.30am: Rev Patrick Taggart RIP

10am: Parish

11.30am: SB Int

Collection for World Communications Day

This collection supports the work of the Catholic Communications Network, the media office of the church. It seeks to be of service to the Church and the World in offering professional channels of communication and provides support promoting the gospel through the media. If you want to see just how the media can be of huge help in promoting the Gospel try Bishop Robert Barron on u tube. There is some amazing material about out faith. Bishop Barron, an Irish American is the most amazing communicator, showing us how the media can be used successfully. Also, chosen.tv about the life of Christ and the effect he had on his early followers.

The Novena This Sunday is part of the original novena, the nine days of prayer between the Ascension and Pentecost. These are the days when we pray ever more intensely that the power on high will come down upon us and lead us into all truth and nourish and strengthen us so that we may be equipped to live and love the Christian way of life. Today’s gospel is the prayer of Jesus for the disciples (and that includes us) that they (and us ) may be consecrated for the mission of bringing the Good News to our saddened world.

Love, or charity, has often been described as the primary Christian virtue. If there were any doubt as to why it should be so today’s gospel would dispel it. The Father’s relationship with Jesus is seen in terms of love. So, too, is Jesus’ relationship with his disciples. And it is love which Jesus commands his disciples to have for one another. Saint John puts this demand of Jesus in the context of his supper conversation with his disciples, thus giving it added emphasis. Jesus’ laying down his life for his friends is presented as the highest expression of love that nay human being can have for one another.

Dear Mission (APF) Box Holders,

In 2020 St Gertrude’s raised £482.29 substantially down on what you raised on 2019 £851.69. This is understandable because we have felt unable to collect your boxes. We hope later on this year to collect your boxes and empty them. However, you can empty your own box and follow one of the payment methods below:

Send a cheque made payable to Missio-Mill Hill, Red Box, 23 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1NU. Give online missio.org.uk/redbox.

Give via Text Text REDBOX5 (to donate £5) or REDBOX 10 TO DONATE £10 TO 70085

By phone Call us on 020 7821 9755 during office ours to donate with credit or debit card. Bank transfer Account Name: Missio Sort Code: 16-00-16 Account Number 10824230. Please pray to continue to pray for our sisters and brothers overseas and all missionaries who share God’s Love – they tell us the love they receive from us keeps them going. MISSIO today, tomorrow, together. Peter and Nita Kelley

Baptism Preparation Please let me know if you re hoping to have a child baptised as we need to arrange a course of preparation. If all goes well, baptisms will be celebrated not earlier than July. Normally we would meet around the Baptism font on Saturday mornings at 9am for some serious input on the meaning of baptism and why it’s so fundamental.

Arrangements for the Sacrament of Confirmation For obvious reasons we are having to re-think the preparation for the Sacrament and the time schedule. I do think that it means waiting a little and getting back into the habit of regular Mass attendance. The restrictions should be eased over the next weeks and I think the confirmandi need to

take the decision about re-commencing coming to Mass.

Thinking of becoming a Catholic or have not for some reason been confirmed ? I am hoping to start a course of preparation for anybody interested.

Please fill in the form for Parish database: https://www.stgertrudes.co.uk/register

CAFOD This Lent we shared the story of Abdella’s ten hour walk for water through the mountains of Ethiopia. Your gift will mean that we can help improve water access for Abdella’s community and others around the world. Solar powered pumps giving clean water are life changing….. I am sure you will have heard about the devastating conflict that has broken out in other parts of Ethiopia. Thanks to the Catholic community in England and Wales we can respond quickly and reach out in love to those who are suffering right now. Working alongside the Church in Ethiopia we will deliver water to 30,000 people nutrition support to over 50,000 children under 5, and practical support like trauma and emergency kits and hygiene facilities to help stop the spread of COVID 19.

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