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Parish newsletter, 14 November 2021

Saturday PMB Page 157

5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30 pm: Italia Intention


Remembrance Day and World Day of the Poor

8.30am: Dec' Members of Radford Family

10am: Freda Dolan ( welfare)

11.30am: Parish

Monday Albert the Great

No Mass

Tuesday Saint Gertrude

10am: Holy Souls

Wednesday St Hilda

10am: Holy Souls

Thursday Dedication of Basilicas of SS Peter and Paul

10am: Holy Souls

Friday St Domneva

10am : Holy Souls


5.45: Sacrament of Reconciliation

6.30pm: Holy Souls

Sunday Christ the King

8.30am: Henry Conway RIP

10am: Amit Chakraborty Rec Dec

11.30am: Medardo Fiderio RIP

The altar is covered with lists of the deceased loved ones of parishioners who will be remembered at mass especially during the month of November. Yes, it is true that we can pray for those who have now departed this world as we look forward, especially at this time of the year when the liturgy speaks of the final things, to that great day of resurrection and reward, when once again we shall greet our loved ones.

Collection Archbishops Administration Fund. This fund is to help pay for the running of the Archdiocese.

First Reading Daniel and his reference to the end of time. He had a vision,

a time of great distress and unparalleled since the beginning. He is wanting

to remind us of our end and what's going to happen to the word. People have

always been disturbed by the prospect of God's power and judgment.

There's no getting away from it. But the appearance of apocalyptic writing

also brings to mind the faith which offers pure consolation in the face of

disaster. The good news is resurrection mentioned in the reading. Daniel

and the Jewish faithful underwent terrible persecution, Daniel even being

thrown in with the lions. But faith saved him, He believed his faith would

help again and this is our hope.... I quote the Archbishop:

We have a hope in the Lord Jesus, These are the most important words I

could ever say to you. In the Lord Jesus we have a hope for the world, a

world which God created, a world which God loves. In him we have hope

for our common humanity which God shared by taking flesh and divelling

amongst us. In the Lord Jesus we have a hope for the Church, Christ's body,

called to announce the Gospel with confidence and joy. In him we have a

hope for each other, that our lives have a purpose, a dignity and a destiny,

that we can live in love, with justice, for peace. We have a hope in the Lord

Jesus, crucified and risen from the dead, alive in his Church, alive in his

Word, alive in his sacraments. Dear friends we have a hope in the Lord

Jesus, alive in us by the power of his Holy Spirit.

Second Reading

Here the author insists on the superiority of Christ's sacrifice over all the sacrifices of the Old Law. The sacrifice of Christ has been made once and for all. There is no more sacrifice to be made for sins.

The Gospel Mark thought the end was just round the corner. We don't go

along with that as he was writing 20 centuries ago - a long time to be kept

waiting! But we do go along with Mark's belief that Jesus would finall

achieve our salvation, that this is the final purpose of Christ.

Dear Missio (APF) Box Molders. Until further notice please empty your own

box and use one of the following payment methods. Send a cheque payable

1o Missio-Mill I fill and post to Red Box 23 Eccleston Sq. SWIV INU online

at mission or uk/redbox

via text ep REDBOX 5 to donate £5 to 70085 by

phone 02078219755 bank transfer p/e Missio sort code 16-00-16 ale no.


Thank you Peter and Nita Kelley


Thank you to all parishioners of St Gertrude's for your

generous support for CAFOD this year and your latest donation of £1747.00,

Thank you so much for being there for our global family. CAFOD wrote: At CAFOD, we

are committed to working wherever the need is greatest and pray for (ind s

guidance as we support those who are worst affected by the climate crisis,

Through your generous gift, we are helping those dedicating their lives to

protect our common home.

This Harvest, we shared Ivanilde's story. Local experts from our church

network have helped Ivanilde's community win the rights to stay and protect

the piece of Amazon they call home. They have replanted and the rainforest

has restored. She says: "I hope that we can have more love and more care for

Ivanilde's commitment to our common home is a heacon of hope

for us all. Through your gifts, solidarity and prayer, our hope for our world

burns brighter. As the climate crisis makes life harder for the most vulnerahle

people all around the world, we pray that our brothers and sisters can adapt,

survive and thrive.

November Masses. Traditionally, we pray especially for the dead during

November. November is the month of the Holy Souls. There are envelopes

at the back of the Church so that you may include names of your loved ones

to be remembered at Masses during November. "Have pity on me, at least

you my Iriends, for the hand of the Lord has touched me."

First Sacraments talks for parents continue in church 5pm November 20'*.

All are welcome - parents with children in ycar 4 or year 3. And anybody

else who wants to come along. If you have just submitted an application for

a place in a Catholic secondary school and are thinking about how best lo

support your child as he/she grows in the faith then you would be very

welcome. If you are asan adult and thinking about receiving the Sacrament

of Confirmation this could be a help. The sessions will normally be around

45 minutes.

Mission. The People of God are on pilgrimage through history towards the

heavenly homeland. Each one of the baptised is to be honoured with the same

dignity as children of God and appointed to the same mission. the

proclamation of the Good News and the building of the Kingdom of God.

1. Given what you see of the Church (words and actions). in the parish and

beyond, what would you say is the Church's mission?

2. How might we find a shared understanding of mission in the different

parishes and Catholic institutions in the Archdiocese of Southwark?

3. Are we looking in or are we looking out, as a parish community"? Can we

do both effectively?

4. From a missionary perspective, how would you characterise both the local

situation and local needs in your parish and community?

5. How is your parish set up for evangelisation? How does your parish reach

out to the broader community with the Good News?

6. Where is the Holy Spirit calling you to mission and service today

7. In what ways do you already intentionally and actively seek to share the

Good News of Jesus Christ?

8.H low does the life of the parish, in terms of catechesis, adult formation

liturgy etc aid in the formation of parishioners as missionary disciples?

9. How can the call to holiness and the call to mission be reflected in different

aspects of parish lite?

If any parishioner(s) would like to answer any of the above

please do so and send answers as soon as possible to me for onward

transmission to the diocese.

Shoe Box Appeal Thank you to all who have responded to the appeal. The

boxes will be collected on Sunday (14'') pm and taken to the central point lor


For more details contact Kevin Singleton 020 8657 7708 or 07715 75 8862.

Register with St Gertrude's I am very grateful to Parish Support for their

generous and continuing help. If you have not filled in the registration form

you will find one in the narthex.

Live simply so that others can simply live This weekend your Justice &

Peace group hope that you can give some time to pledge to take action. Pope

Francis has urged us in Laudato Si to pray for creation and live simply to

protect our common home. Come and talk to us.

Need a Career Change, Need help preparing you CV for that new job or an

interview? Pree confidential help, can be undertaken remotely (Zoom) it

need be Contact Anthony 07941527328 (eves (w/e)

Reflection The words of Jesus remain with us to this very day. They fall on our ears like a blessing - healing troubled minds, bringing light to those in darkness and hope to those in despair Lord, give us love for your words, Grant that we may make them part of our lives

Solemnity of Christ the King next Sunday. There will be a collection for

Catholic Youth Services in the Archdiocese.

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