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Parish newsletter, 12th February 2023


6.15 pm: Confessions

6.30pm: Family Welfare ( AJ)

Sunday Sixth Sunday PMB 136

8.30pm: Margaret Dickens Rec Dec'd

10 am: Bridie Dolan RIP

11.30am: David Price RIP (anniv)


10am: Pascual De Souza RIP (anniv)


10am: Michael O'Neill Rec Dec


10am: No Mass


10am: No Mass


10am: No Mass


6.15pm Confessions

6.30pm Molly McLean Rec Dec


8.30am: Jim Kavanagh RIP

10.00 am: Renee Anderson Rec Dec

11 30 am: Philip Borg Rec Dec


CAFOD Syria-Turkey Earthquake Appeal

CAFOD is responding with support of provision of food, water, shelter, medical assistance and winter kits for survivors. Your donations in recent months have made that quick response possible. Let us join CAFOD in praying for our sisters and brothers affected by the earthquakes and the winter weather. Your support for CAFOD throughout the year allows our Catholic agency to act quickly when disasters strike. For more details visit CAFOD's Syria Turkey Emergency Appeal online at


First Reading We can choose either death of life!

Second Reading Our faith is about God's wisdom not the world's wisdom.

The Gospel Jesus builds on and develops a true understanding of what Christian values amount to. It seems to be a contrast between old and new but it goes much deeper by asking us what our true motivation is.

Are we really in tune with the will of the creator? We perhaps have not murdered anybody but the question goes far deeper. It asks why we are angry, why we don't seek reconciliation. Is it because we have never really looked at ourselves to see what we are really like? What about sexual sin? The world wants to abolish much of traditional Christian teaching in favour of do what you want permissiveness. Could it be that God's plan for our happiness is better than our plan for happiness? May be, the teaching of the church isn't so bad after all!

Marriage Preparation. Saturday 10am in Church - a session on the Eucharist, the source and summit of Christian life, then later, the liturgy of the Word

Ukraine- Urgently needed- Sleeping bags for those on the front line. Walking sticks, walking aids, crutches, wheelchairs, water purifying tablets, water jugs with purifying cartridges, medicines, sanitary items and computers. The person who organises the sending of all the aid from the parish hall to Ukraine is in constant touch, when feasible, with medical personnel, with fire fighters on the front line, with those trying to organise schooling in basements and with those who are generally trying to help those who have lost everything. All tell her what is urgently required. She is always looking for ways to get the things to Ukraine as quickly as possible as these items are needed 'vesterday!

Purley Food Hub - tin openers, packs of custard to make with water, jars fish/meat paste/honey and jam, packs of dried potato, tinned pulses, small jars of coffee, toothbrushes, unisex showergel

St Gertrude's Gardening Group: Our project is to tame the garden area behind the hall. Saturday morning between 10am-2pm, next meet on 18th February. contact Peter Elfer 07955196539, Denise Miller 07747691826, Mary Piper 07884333612.

Clergy support fund second collection- this will take place on 25th and 26th February.

The Clergy Support Fund of the Archdiocese of Southwark provides care for priests in their old age and retirement, and in their time of ill health. A gift to this worthy fund will ensure a dignified retirement for our priests, after they have dedicated a lifetime of service to Christ, His Church and His People.

In 2022, the Clergy Support Fund provided care to 73 retired priests, at a cost of £1.33 million. With the number of priests over the age of 65 steadily increasing, so too will the financial obligation to the Archdiocese.

Please be generous with a gift to the Clergy Support Fund and continue to keep our priests in your prayers.

Details of how to donate will be published next week.


SycamOre is an online course exploring our Catholic faith and suitable for individuals and couples alike. It runs throughout Lent, with weekly one-hour sessions on Tuesday evenings from 8-9pm starting on February 28. For more details or to register, visit the website: Growing in Faith Together - Agency for Evangelisation and Catechesis (

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