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Copy of Prayers of the faithful (5 December 2020)

God is faithful in all his words and loving in all his deeds. Let us pray to him with confidence for our needs.

For Pope Francis, bishops and priests – that they may guide us wisely on our journey through life.

We pray for those in our parish who are facing huge difficulties, almost too difficult to bear.

We pray for our parish community: that our celebration of Advent may be full of hope and joy.

We have gathered here as a priestly people. Let us pray for the gift of peace and serenity in our lives. May we discover a kingdom beyond the powers of this world.

Let us pray for those who have positions of power in this world, that they recognise that there is an order in creation and respect and value it.

Let us pray for those who have lost their way in life, and for those who are following the wrong path.

For those who are suffering in the pandemic We pray for those in our parish who are working to alleviate their suffering. May God give them strength.

We pray for those suffering from anxiety and depression. May they find strength and support, through serious commitment, to prayer and the sacraments

For our loved ones who have gone before us: that they may enjoy the fulfilment of Christ’s promise that he has gone to prepare a place for us in his Father’s house.

As we thank God for the gift of Jesus to our world, we call to mind all those who have special claim to our prayers at this time.

For Pope Francis, the bishops and all those entrusted with leadership in the church: that they may guide us wisely on our journey through life.

God of power and love, take the blindness from our eyes, the weakness from our wills, and the hardness from our hearts, so that through the coming of your son we may know the happiness of those who walk in your way. Through Christ our Lord

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